Reporting too much?

I’m fairly fanatic about transparency in news and government: They should share what they know when they know it. But when it comes to security and terrorism, of course, the rules are different. And I think ABC probably went over the line when it aired pictures of the London terrorists’ bombs and the damage they caused over the strong objections of British authorities. What was the public good that was served? How was seeing the bombs more important than catching the bombers?

  • Ed Poinsett

    You basically answered your own question. There was no public good served and seeing the bombs is no where as near important as catching the bombers. The only thing the pics of the bomb do is maybe plant an idea in someones twisted mind about how they might build their own!

    I wish the MSM were on the side of the freedom loving people.

  • How does seeing the bombs prevent catching the bombers? Presumably, they already know what they look like, since they built and delivered them. As for prejudicing future prosecutions, how does the public knowing what sort of weapons are being used to murder them going to do that?

    And since the police can't be everywhere, I'd hazard the proposition that having a populace who knows what a certain type of bomb looks like just might be a good thing for national, and individual security, not a bad thing.

  • Tony

    "I wish the MSM were on the side of the freedom loving people."

    Oh, for chissakes….

  • Tony

    "But when it comes to security and terrorism, of course, the rules are different."

    Why is it "of course" different in this case? Can you elaborate why the media should no longer act as an independent information gathering/distributing body when there is some (and who gets to determine this?!?) security or terrorism interest?

  • Dave F

    The pundits were saying the release of these horrifying pictures would probably galvanise people to help the investigation, rather than hinder it. Remains to be seen.

  • tonynoboloney

    As I watch the on going raids in London this morning, its obvious to me that these bombs were part of an intense investigation that is not nearly over. It is also glaringly apparent to me watching ALL the MSM outlets cover these raids that they could possibly be helping the terrorist in figuring out the police's M.O., their exact location, what type of equipment is being used and a good idea about the number of police & others trying to prevent further attacks. In a previous war it was said "loose lips sink ships". The M.S.M. should get out of the way and let the London police do their jobs, a great deal of energy is being expended just trying to keep the media behind police barricades. And don't tell me the London terrorists are not glued to their t.v.'s trying to cypher the best way out without getting caught.

    For those of you who believe these terrorists are an unbeatable foe, just keep watching. The English along with Scottland Yard and others are doing a superb job of rooting these rats out of their holes. Most certainly this will have a positive result when it comes to further attacks. I believe All of Europe and the U.S. should be conducting similar raids wherever suspected terrorists may be living in our midst, taking a pro-active stance will no doubt discourage future bombers. It is past time that we should not be cashing in on any solid intelegence in our posession. MSM and the P.C. crowd get out of the way, we have a job to do.