It’s a joke, right? Tell me it’s a joke….

George Pataki running for President? There isn’t a duller politician in America, not even in Indiana. He drones. He pisses off the people who should be his friends. He makes decisions like a wishy-washy pol. President? Ha!

  • Lay off of Indiana. It's elitist "flyover state" comments like this that cause so much well-founded resentment toward the elitist coasties.

  • jj

    It's a joke, right? Your embicilic comments about Indiana. If you east coast idiots ever got out of NYC you would get an idea of what the real people think.

  • kcom

    I'm not from New York so I don't know Pataki in depth but from everything I've seen I don't give him a snowball's chance in hell of ever being elected president, irrespective of whatever political positions he holds.

  • John

    Eleven years in Albany surrounded by obsequious aides can tend to warp a person's self-image (see Rockefeller, Nelson and Cuomo, Mario for previous victims). The bizarre thing is if you gave Republicans around the country a choice of what New York pol they would support, Pataki would be a distant second to Giuliani, even with his social issue baggage. So it's hard to see how George expects to beat the rest of the GOP field given that situation.

  • Wrong, Jeff.

    I nominate Mitt Romney as duller, and more of a dullard.

    I'd vote Pataki over Romney in a second.

  • ken


    Aside from being dull and, apparently, delusional. Pataki, as you well know, has another set of luggage… that gaping hole in downtown Manhattan. No, he didn't put it there, but his lack of leadership sure as hell is keeping it there. And I say this as a Republican who has voted for him. I was blogging the other day about a couple of new proposed sky scrapers in Chicago (including a new tallest in the U.S.) and I wrote:

    Whether this thing gets built or not remains to be seen. But we all know what New York will have by 2009. A former governor who's embarrassed himself by running in a presidential primary he has no shot in hell of winning. A Republicrat mayor more worried about anti-smoking laws and the Olympics than downtown.

    And a big gaping hole at Ground Zero.

    So yeah, he's as boring as dirt, an awful public speaker and opponents (in the primary, because no way he'd make it further than that) would just love to point to Ground Zero and say, "Gee, George. You can't even negotiate rebuilding in New York and you want the keys to the country?"

  • Ken: Absolutely right.

    And I never knew Hoosiers were so oversensitive. fine, I'll pick on one of the many states in which I lived. Hawkeyes. OK?

  • Angelos

    We don't even like Pataki, but with the gerrymandering, it's tough for him to lose. Besides, all the offices in NY are predetermined. You guys get the house, we get the senate, etc.

    There is no worse state that NY for political corruption. Not even Louisiana.

  • edddie

    If people are dumb enough to vote for an asshole like Bush, they're dumb enough to vote for an asshole like Pataki.

  • owl

    Forget Pataki, not a shot in hell. Only possible Republican winners are Giuliani or Rice, but they have two problems.

    Biggest is that ole road block, McCain. Might look good on paper that he will win, he won't. Why? People like me. People who once would have voted for him if he had become the candidate, now, can't tolerate him. I am one of those he likes to point to as right wing religious nuts that he ignores. Wrong. I am only slightly religious and pro choice. I dislike his ego. He appointed himself God when he decided to lead a coup in the Senate. Right or wrong, does not matter, these 14 set themselves up as a mini government that steals from the voter, their fellow Senators and the President. He set himself up to regulate campaign money and free speech. He would like to regulate the internet. Now he is fighting to have "written down in a book" exactly how we can ask those killers (nicely, of course) if they would like to "share" with us. He manages to give credibility to those that would like to keep Abu Ghraib and Gitmo on the front pages. Have I said enough so you understand my total disgust for Ole King Ego? Would vote Democratic before I voted for him.

    That leaves candidates like Allan. Likable darlings of the most conservative, but unknown and easily beatable.

    So I say the field is wide open for Hillary, because I do not think the Republicans will be smart enough to nominate Giuliani or Rice. Both possible winners, but we will do a Dole, again. Some people never learn new tricks, unlike Hillary.

  • ken


    Hey now. Watch what you say about Louisiana. My home state will take second place to no state when it comes to political corruption. Okay, so maybe Jersey might have us beat, but New York? Nahhh. That's just old-fashioned croneyism.

  • Speaking as a embicilic east-coaster, I'm thinking those who voted for Bush (like me) might have a little problem with Mr. Sominex. A few problems. Survival in New York politics for a Republican requires some, uh, adjustments that make the notion of running for national office problematic. Especially if you don't even make gestures to the base, like Guiliani.

    I'm also amused that a New Yorker would attempt to put his state at a corruption level above my beloved New Jersey. Please. Come up with a Golan Cipel, then we'll talk.

    But what do I know? I'm an embicile.

  • edddie


    >But what do I know? I’m an embicile.

    I'm more than happy to take you at your word for that. But you had me sold at "those who voted for Bush (like me) . . ."

    Incidentally, it's imbecile, not embicile. You're welcome.

  • edddie — good idea to read all the comments before commenting. See jj, second comment, above.

    It's a joke, son.

  • edddie

    I stand corrected. D'oh!

  • Geek, Esq.

    Pataki is in favor of gay and abortion rights. The only thing worse for a Republican seeking their nomination would be to make public appearances in drag.

  • ziz

    IN is a fly over ? Keep flying over you ignorant mothers. Jimmy Dean would have been proud of you.

  • Jack Barry

    It’s not a joke – only theat the moronic democrats don’t know the definition of imbilcile.