Moving day

I’m moving over to WordPress tonight. Well, actually, I’m not moving. My amazing son is moving the site for me. And he’s moving my RSS feeds through FeedBurner (so I hope you see no big changes there).

Note on comments: I will keep up the old site forever (or until the earth blows up, whichever comes first). But I will NOT keep up the ability to post comments on the old site past a few days. You will note that I duped posts on both sites through all of July but I did not copy comments over. So don’t get all paranoid that I killed all the Berniac posts. They are still there, for the joy of posterity, and I’ll link to the old index page and the old permalinks on the old site will work. (The old home page is here.)

See you on the other side…..

: Note that I have to completely update my blogroll; that will take time to bring over. Also will modify the design and add ads.

  • Test comment.

  • Franky

    congrats. looks nice

  • gratz on the move. O started playign with WP a couple of days ago, and am seriously considering moving one of my blogs to it. Easier to set up a new one than to move, but I do like the tools available.

  • Congrats on the move — WP is far better than any other backend server.

    Also – good work on the Deutch show the other day.

  • Make sure that you try to keep the RSS feed titled the same…you’ve got 1,650 readers on Bloglines who eventually are going to lose your feed.

  • Dan

    Looks great; tell your son good work. That said, FeedBurner is really annoying. You should host the feed yourself…

  • von

    Congrats on the move — WP is far better than any other backend server.

    Except for one you write yourself.. :P

  • If you use Spam Karma you don't need the type in the number junk.

  • And the "Recent Comments" plugin is way cool, too. I'm glad you moved to WordPress, it rules.

  • Re old comments: sometimes you just have to clear the board.

    I'll miss the odd purple type, though.

  • Congrats! Looking good. We all need changes to break the monotony of life.

  • owl

    You sure this is not a super secret Carl Rove escape hatch from Berniacs?


  • Jay

    Looks good, congrats. I (we?) have 2 requests: that clicking on a link opens a new window, and that the width of your page not be fixed, so that those of us with wide monitors have the option of widening the page and scrolling less. Thanks.

  • This is excellent. It has a clean and uncluttered look, it’s attractive to the eye and a cinch to navigate. Much prefer to it to the old site. Thanks for providing it.

  • great new look Jeff!

    well done.

    what is Jake's day rate?

  • Jeff – This looks great, but I’m curious as to why you use a picture of a paper-making machine as opposed to, say, a printing press?


  • Jay: Just a little plug for the Opera browser. One of the newer useful features is a “Fit to window width” button for obstinately wide web pages.

  • tonynoboloney

    Jeff, super new format!! I don’t have to type in my name and e-mail anymore after posting just once. It took only a moment to figure out to type the code, really cool.

  • Ian

    Looks great Jeff, I am glad you decided to move over to WordPress .. I did the move in April and will never regret it!

    BTW: You must get this plugin: for backing up your database.

  • David

    I accidentally got to your new site in what must have been mid-transfer ’cause it was butt ugly. Looks nice though, I’ll come in, look around, sit on your chairs and drink your ……..What are you serving?

  • A.W. of

    The one thing i never liked about your site, was the format. if not for the better than average content, it would have driven me away.

    this is much, much better. i like it.

    And the easy anti-spam approach.

  • Jay

    Carson Fire, I think you’ve assumed the opposite of the issue I raised. I have a super-wide monitor, and on most web pages if I stretch the window out, the text re-justifies outward, and I can read much more without having to scroll the page down as often. But some pages (and Jeff’s new page is this way at the moment) don’t re-justify; the text wrap stays as is and there’s just a lot of blank space on either side. I’m hoping Jeff’s page will do this (as it did before). are you saying that Opera will do it regardless? (I use Safari and sometimes revert to Explorer)

  • Your son did a great job. The new site is easy on the eyes and a joy to read.

  • Woohoo! Glad you made the switch, Jeff — looks good!

  • -joe

    found site via Drudge yahoo linked 10/10
    nice and clean site
    where is the old site?