Moving day

I’m moving over to WordPress tonight. Well, actually, I’m not moving. My amazing son is moving the site for me. And he’s moving my RSS feeds through FeedBurner (so I hope you see no big changes there).

Note on comments: I will keep up the old site forever (or until the earth blows up, whichever comes first). But I will NOT keep up the ability to post comments on the old site past a few days. You will note that I duped posts on both sites through all of July but I did not copy comments over. So don’t get all paranoid that I killed all the Berniac posts. They are still there, for the joy of posterity, and I’ll link to the old index page and the old permalinks on the old site will work. (The old home page is here.)

See you on the other side…..

: Note that I have to completely update my blogroll; that will take time to bring over. Also will modify the design and add ads.