Live by the snark, die by the snark

Live by the snark, die by the snark

: Somebody stuck a sharp stick up somebody’s rear.

Unknown outside the dork-infested waters of the Blogosphere, her name is Jessica Coen, and she’s the co-editor of, where she regurgitates newspaper and magazine stories and slathers them in supposedly witty sarcasm. Every time we bump into Coen, 25, who likes to accessorize with a stuffed dog poking out of her handbag, she smiles and showers us with sycophantic praise. But her every mention of PAGE SIX on her Web site is snide and snarky. Word to Coen: Next time you see us at a party, keep walking. Or slithering. You can’t be a boot-licker and a back-stabber at the same time.

  • But they’re wrong Jeff – you can do both if you’re licking the heels.
    And that sounds like just what she’s been doing….

  • kl

    How is that “dying”? It’s exactly the sort of catfight those types thrive on.

  • I know of two fairly important people in my field who exhibit this same behavior as Coen, but they are widely praised for it. They may attack you online, the sentiment goes, but that’s OK because they’ll be awfully nice to you in person.
    There are circles on the internet that create their own ethics based on emotive preference. Ethics based on popularity (or lack of it), convenience (stealing content isn’t stealing), etc.

  • A boot-licker is just a back-stabber waiting for the the right moment to arrive. Heh.
    Anybody with a job in Big Media deserves to be eaten like a crawdad. As most of the are, eventually ;-)

  • Patricia

    I guess she jumped the snark…

  • David

    Coen deserves it. I still yearn for the days of Choire Sicha.