My son put together this collage of his clumsy dad on the golf course. When you can’t trust your own son….

And, yes, that last picture is called “topping the ball.” That is followed by cursing the ball.



: My son put together this collage of his clumsy dad on the golf course. When you can’t trust your own son….

And, yes, that last picture is called “topping the ball.” That is followed by cursing the ball.

  • m

    Looks like the swing needs a little work. ;)

  • I hope that 2nd photo is your natural follow-through form. If so, we have a lot of work to do. :)

  • Knobby knees indeed.
    Maybe you should have stuck to your “There will be no photos.” statement. :)))))

  • my eyes! My eyes! Im blind!
    You are a brave man indeed Mr. Jarvis.

  • Man, you seriously need some sunlight.

  • von

    Nothing great for me to add really…But that is hilarious!!! Did you sink that putt at least?

  • von

    oh, and it looks like you need to invest in some golf shoes as well. I am a huge golf noob, but when I bought my shoes, it really made a difference in balance…

  • talk about transparent!

  • Ben Sparks

    i’m having trouble distinguishing between jeff and the golf club. which is which?
    dood… eat some protein one day. looking like a praying mantis out there.

  • Jeff,
    It looks like there’s a string hanging from your shorts. Oh wait, never mind, that’s your leg. :)

  • It’s not how you swing; it’s how you look. Ack!

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  • I’d like to both claim responsibility and tell you your son is one of those dirty “free information” people who, among other things, won’t sell me exclusive photos of you in shorts for five bucks.

  • Eileen

    Your knees are no more knobby than my own. There’s some comfort in that, for me at least.
    Enjoy your vaca, and thanks for the laughter. Gawd knows the ‘fun crowd’ can use it.

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  • Sgt. Hulka

    Wrists bent, legs skinny…..

  • You are absolved from any charges that this is a vanity post.

  • we need more stuff like this on buzzmachine!!

  • Tony Alva

    The James Cromwell fitness regiment is really starting to pay off. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Make one good shot a round and that will be enough to falsely convince you that paying money for such agony is worth it.

  • Mike

    You are a brave soul posting these jems!
    I would imagine that the adage that a lousy day on the golf course is better than a good day at work applies here. Judging by the pics, your golf game could use a little work. But I imagine just being out their with your son was worth it.
    And what is it with old guys and the pulled up white socks?
    Enjoy the rest of the vacation.

  • Old guy?!?!?!

  • Jesse

    Are those legs or are you riding an ostrich :)

    Now, I understand being naturally thin (I’m 5’10” 140lbs), but at least get some sunlight and wear long pants, man…or longer shorts at least. Also: if you were any less black you’d be clear.

  • Cal

    Check out the “Natural” Laws of Golf on my blog. Guaranteed to crack you up. Count how many times you say “That’s true.”
    “I hate this game…and I can’t wait to play it tomorrow.”- Jeff Sluman.
    Fred got home from his Sunday round of golf later than normal and very tired. “Bad day at the course?” his wife asked. “Everything was going fine,” he said. “Then Harry had a heart attack and died on the 10th tee.” “Oh, that’s awful!” “You’re not kidding. For the whole back nine it was hit the ball, drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry.”

  • Mike

    Old guy?!?!?!
    A young guy wouldn’t be caught dead with socks like that on a golf course!

  • The Hawk

    Have you no shame, sir. Have you no sense of decency!!

  • brendan

    In a nation overrun with obese fatties, you people have the never to excoriate Jeff for being fit and trim? Get a life.

  • “topping the ball”
    I feel your pain, Jeff.
    If anyone would take the trouble of calculating my handicap, I’m sure it’d be in the low six figures.

  • David

    Curse the ball, I see evidence that it ducked at the last moment.

  • joe bob

    yeah, we definitely need more stuff like this on buzz machine.

  • Brendan: Thank you. Yes, I excercise (but not golf) and use my sunscreen.
    But I do drink that nasty deadly bad-for-you Coke…

  • I see why you are a “talking head” and not a “talking body”.

  • My heart went out to you on that fourth picture, Jeff. That windmill shot is always a toughie. No wonder you clutched.