New news

Fred Wilson saysthis [my post below about witnesses to news reporting it on their blogs] is what its all about and why CNN with its 24×7 news channel is hopelessly out of date.”

Not if CNN et al are smart enough to take advantage of the millions of new reporters who can keep them on top of the news.

: Ironically, I was supposed to have lunch yesterday with the president of such a news network to talk about just this. But, of course, we had to cancel because of the big news. But we did reschedule.

: I also think this is ironic: The blog segment on MSNBC, which I was to do last night, was preempted by the London news. But, of course, there was news — at least Londoners’ stories about that news — on the blogs.

: As I also noted yesterday, it is now reflex for the BBC and the venerable Times of London to solicit stories from the public and to publish them. Of course, they didn’t have to ask. All they had to do was go reading their local bloggers.

: I’m also struck by the new definition of news. As I wandered through the London blogs listed by subway station, I found, again and again, bloggers using their new tool just to tell their family and friends, “I’m fine.” That is the news that matters most, isn’t it?

: ALSO: I found Technorati — its search and its tags — useful in finding London bombing news and reaction yesterday. They put together a special page aggregating the tags.

: Joe’s Dartblog as a montage of front pages.