Fatwa this

Musliim clerics gather to limit the issuing of fatwas:

The move is meant to weaken statements by figures involved in fighting in Iraq who ordain violence….

They all also agreed that followers cannot label other Muslims as “apostates”, something groups in Iraq have done to justify attacks against Iraqi police and civilians.

A conference statement said the clerics agreed that an adherent of each of the eight schools of thought “is a Muslim”.

“Declaring that person an apostate is impossible, verily his or her blood, honour and property are sacrosanct,” according to the statement read by Jordanian Religious Affairs Minister Abdul-Salam al-Abadi.

How about issuing one big fatwa against Muslims murdering Muslims… and Britons… and Americans. How about one big fatwa against terrorism?

: And will the Arab street have the balls to condemn the terrorists who just murdered Egypt’s envoy to Iraq? At least Mubarek is calling his murderers terrorists.

President Hosni Mubarak expressed condolences for the death of Egypt’s top envoy in the country, Ihab al-Sherif, and called his killers “terrorists” after al-Qaida in Iraq claimed on Thurday to have killed the diplomat.

“This terrorist act will not deter Egypt from its firm position in support of Iraq and its people,” Mubarak’s office said in a statement carried by the state news agency MENA.