Stupid TV

I’m in an office in New York and cut off from the world of TV news because, apart from the BBC — which is, of course, getting hammered right now — none of the big networks streams its news live over the internet; they’re putting up clips that become stale the moment they’re up. Oh, yes, they don’t want to piss off the cable companies. But how about pissing off the public they serve? Get online, people. It ain’t 1990 anymore.

: I also tried to listen to the BBC or CNN or Fox via Sirius on the internet, since I pay for it. But, apparently, licensing deals cut that off. I tuned into a left talk station and they said they didn’t know what was going on. Now, at last, I’m listening to the BBC via WNYC.

Millions of people are now cut off from the news these organizations are serving.