Damned technology

I haven’t been on the blog because I’ve been too busy trying to migrate from the Dell to the Powerbook. This is the second weekend in a row that I’ve wasted thanks to PCs (and, yes, I blame Dell… if I had the slightest faith that a new machine would work and that their service would work, I wouldn’t be doing this now… wasting time and a great deal of money). No matter what the manufacturer, we would not tolerate this degree of difficulty with cars, dishwashers, and phones… all about as complex as a PC. What a pain.

  • David Aldridge

    Neither a car, nor a dishwasher, nor yet a phone, is within 5 orders of magnitude as complex as a PC. You do not posess the necessary expertise to discuss the differences. If you wish to understand, I recommend googling “computer architecture.”

    To give you an idea of just how far off the mark you are, today’s personal computers are, top to bottom, within an order of magnitude of the complexity of the human brain.

    None of this excuses Dell’s atrocious behavior of course – good luck with that. I’m just a crotchety old computer scientist. ;-)