We’re forever blowing….

We’re forever blowing….

: What do these two headlines have in common?

: Google passes $300 per share.

: $60.54 per barrel.

Ecstasy, that’s what.

: Oh, and add this: three bedrooms for $2.5 mil.

  • For the record, that is one butt-ugly house. But when I left NJ, I realized that people pay the most for butt-ugly houses.
    I live now in a neighborhood where Frank Lloyd Wright designed the centerpiece home, and lots of the rest are lovely and earnest copies. For those of us without the resources to live in a genius house, we live in the best possible iterations.
    Jeff. Jersey sucks. You don’t even have to be there anymore. Enjoy the traffic, the intellectual enlightment of tailpipe fumes, and the joy of wasted time and overpriced everything. I have seen the seen the promised land, and it doesn’t look at all like Short Hills.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Oh God…I do NOT want to be around when all the Google-aires lose their shirts after Congress goes after Google because some donors own a rival search engine.
    It will be like when Clinton sicced Janet Reno on Microsoft for daring to include an internet browser in Windows. That little action caused a domino effect that woke everybody up and crashed the dot-com bubble.

  • You know the old Wall Street adage:
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the King’s horses and all the King’s men
    had omelette for breakfast.

  • At $305, Google is trading at 46 times next years consensus earnings estimate. That is not a high number – all things considered.
    There will only be more googling as the wireless internet and PDAs proliferate and geriatric tech luddites die.
    One could easily argue that Google is cheap given the paucity of tech growth stories.
    Forbes said to avoid the IPO at $85 a share, analysts warned of 100 million insider shares being sold at $200 a share. Jim Cramer was bullish but went short at $250. I can only infer that the BuzzMachine thinks $300 is the top.

  • What better way to greet $60+/gal than sitting in that b-u house and googling? Nothing is wrong with this picture.