Dell hell: still burning

Dell hell, still burning

: Now it’s my hard drive that is so flawed I can’t Ghost it and the diagnostic Dell wants me run on it won’t even bother to run. So let’s add up the tally: motherboard… CPU…. memory…. wireless network…. battery…. keyboard…. case…. hard drive. What’s left? The Dell logo? No, that’s broken, too.

Home service? Complete care? Complete crap. Earlier rants here; follow the links. Went to the Apple store today with my son. If I can prove that my EVDO Verizon card will work (so I can avoid it not working and having to pay a 10 percent restocking fee), I may well follow the light.

I just got more Dellspeak: “Ms. Kolar,” says the Delly, still refusing to pay sufficient attention to get my name right — or thinking he is being cute to find some way to insult me, “I am a Supervisor at Dell and I am concerned with the problems you are having with your computer and wish to resolve them very soon.” Boilerplate babble; seen it in every email. So sincere. “In order to resolve the issue that you are facing, we need to setup a service to replace the hard drive of your system.” Notice they’re not telling me when they are going to ship me a hard drive or a computer or a refund. No, that will take more hours’ of email back and forth with somebody else on the next shift. “Please try and understand that as per Dells policy, we can not provide you with a system exchange. System warranty is there for such failures only.” Well, look at the list of everything that has gone wrong with this so-called system. I’d call that failure. But Dell won’t… not yet. “After a period of thorough troubleshooting, either over the phone or through email, when a Dell technician determines that it is necessary to replace a defective hardware component.” I just gave the guy exactly what he asked for: the results of his diagnostic. But, no, they have to slog me through the mud a little longer. “At that point, a replacement is dispatched or the system is taken into the depot for repairing.” And what about the AT-HOME REPAIR I’m paying for? Not mentioned. “And this system is still in a repairable state, so system exchange is not a possibility at the present stage.” Repairable? Says who? They’ve replaced damned near everything you can and it still doesn’t work. I don’t call that repairable. “While I say this, I don’t mean that even if the system is not repaired to your satisfaction, we cannot replace it. We can exchange the system, but only after exploiting all the possible avenues of repairing.” Like buying a Mac? Infriggingcredible.

Dell sucks. Dell lies. Don’t buy Dell. Sell Dell.