Rah Rah

Rah Rah

: Well, the new AOL on the web can’t be totally without redeeming value. It’s there that I found a professional cheerleaders’ blog.

And I shouldn’t be surprised they’d find that for under the search box on the new page, they list most popular searches and no. 3 is “bikinis.”

: The AOL public site is now up at aol.com. I’m aggressively underwhelmed. As someone said this morning (and I got permission to steal his line): “It’s so 1998. It’s so Excite.”

: UPDATE: I am now told that I didn’t link to the new-new public AOL.com. Click on the beta link on the left column. I remain underwhelmed; it’s prettier but not revolutionary. But I’ll play with it. I showed it to the same guy I showed it to this morning and he ruled, “It’s so MSN.”

The rumor is true: They are following Yahoo into having an RSS reader. This is a screenshot of the page.