Rah Rah

Rah Rah

: Well, the new AOL on the web can’t be totally without redeeming value. It’s there that I found a professional cheerleaders’ blog.

And I shouldn’t be surprised they’d find that for under the search box on the new page, they list most popular searches and no. 3 is “bikinis.”

: The AOL public site is now up at aol.com. I’m aggressively underwhelmed. As someone said this morning (and I got permission to steal his line): “It’s so 1998. It’s so Excite.”

: UPDATE: I am now told that I didn’t link to the new-new public AOL.com. Click on the beta link on the left column. I remain underwhelmed; it’s prettier but not revolutionary. But I’ll play with it. I showed it to the same guy I showed it to this morning and he ruled, “It’s so MSN.”

The rumor is true: They are following Yahoo into having an RSS reader. This is a screenshot of the page.

  • Naomi

    AOL needs government support. Who else would provide the public with the content the public needs. Bill Moyer’s and his raft of cronies should also be supported on AOL. Can’t the Corporation for Public Broadcasting lend a hand?

  • von

    I thought this was it?

  • Heather Green

    Me too. And I thought it was still in Beta.

  • David

    As someone who did not understand that “BAD PR” meant that you were saying Bush was a LIAR, I have to ask you this question. Am I understanding you correctly that when you say “I’m aggressively underwhelmed” that you didn’t like the site?
    Maybe you can change this blogs title from “Rah Rah” to “Bad PR for aol.”

  • Ted

    I think you have the wrong page, you want this:

  • John

    Ted is right – Jeff apparently reviewed the wrong page. The beta can be found at:

  • von

    haha. How many people do you think will post the same link?

  • Heather Green

    I, for one, feel relieved and everything is now ok with my world… ;-)

  • I don’t really understand how this company still exists.