I, reporter

I, reporter

: Amy Gahran says she’s starting a site on citizen journalism called I, Reporter.

  • Remember how nauseating a phrase like “information superhighway” became? When I see pretentious little nicknames like “citj” being tossed around, I’m ready to run for the hills.

  • Oh Jeff – The lefty bloggers just blocked Bolton and the righty bloggers blocked Rather.
    After a quick Googling of Ms. Gahran I can see nothing that she has done with any success or interest other than squawk from her soapbox with the authority of a grade school English teacher.
    She has no standing in journalism circles and less in blog circles. Besides, Powerblog and Drudge aren’t going to give a rat’s behind about her ethic bulletpoints so why should anyone else who are competing with and against them?
    My grandma is thinking about starting a knitting blog. An area she actually has some experience in. Can she expect a free link on Buzzmachine too?
    If you are thin on story ideas, GoDaddy’s CEO is getting heat for defending the torture at Gitmo on the front page on his company’s website.

  • You know what? Add “content strategist” and “info-provocateur” to the above list.

  • Is there some particular reason why the two earlier commenters who are not even willing to provide names and contact information feel compelled and entitled to slander me?
    Jealous that Jeff Jarvis links to me from time to time? Yeah, probably.
    Say hi to your friend in LA.
    – Amy Gahran

  • Here’s the thing: If you use your mouse and roll your cursor over my name below (or on either of my previous posts for that matter), you’ll find a link to my blog, where you can find my email address.
    You’d think a “content strategist” would know that much.