: Iran’s “election” day is upon us and I’d like to point you to two blogs:

: Hoder continues to report from Tehran with his savvy perspective.

: And go read Blue Bird Escape. This is a blog by a remarkable young Iranian-American woman whom I first came across a few years ago, when she returned to Iran after moving to America. She returned to her homeland filled with hope and memories but discovered once she got there that she could not see the country the same way, once she knew freedom. Her blog told that with eloquent but unvarnished honesty. Today, on the eve of the election, she writes:

Iran was always a great country in my childhood eyes. I left Iran at the age of 11. It was not until I went back to Iran at 15 that I saw with my own eyes what Iran didnít have. There was no democracy. Walking on the streets of Tehran brought back so many memories, but I couldnít imagine myself walking those streets for the rest of my life. It was nothing compared to walking outside on a street in Virginia or anywhere else in the U.S. I felt guilty as I watched people because I knew I was free and they were not.

Another election has arrived for Iran and I am thinkingÖare they really going to get what they deserve? Are they really going to get their freedom, their democracy? What can I do for them? The only thing I can do, as I am sitting here, on my comfortable bed, reading a magazine on Hollywood gossip, while Iranian women are protesting for equal rights, is to vote….

  • David

    Democracy will never be just handed over to anyone. Instead of blogging about it or blogging about someone blogging about it why not start thinking about ways to change that.
    Thank god MLK, or Gan*dhi, or Nelson Mandela, or Thomas Paine didn’t have access to blogging tools.
    WOW looks like someone has something against the Mahatma. Here’s the message I get:
    Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: Gan*dhi

  • Jim S

    There are now apparently three kinds of sham elections. The kind where the vote is rigged by stuffing ballot boxes or making certain the extreme penalties of voting for the “wrong” candidate are understood, the kind where there is never anyone but one candidate and/or party on the ballot and the Iranian method where you can vote for anyone that a committee of Mullahs approves but it doesn’t really matter because even if some reformists are let through by the committee once in office they have no power to do anything of real importance to the country. There will be no reform from within in Iran with the existing system and the Iranians have not yet reached the point of desparation to where they are ready for another revolution. They got what they thought they wanted with their Islamic Republic and it’s a shame that more Muslims across the world don’t understand that despite their denials they will generate something similar if not identical if they get their governments “influenced by Islam”.

  • We had Hoder on the Brian Lehrer Show, if you’re interested:

  • ali from tehran

    Well, as you may guess Iranians boycotted this elections. Tomorrow yo’ll hear the reports about low turn out and second round. Shame on those who knowingly or ignorantly support the mullahcracy

  • ali from tehran

    Also, for your information, an article about how the candidates openly buy votes:
    Iran cool on Cash-For-Vote Program

  • Ron Wright

    GWB Declares Iranian Election a Fraud
    [At least that’s the meaning]

    On a related issue, here’s something you can do right now in the GWOT. A strategic window of opportunity is now opening in Iran. We must seize this moment to deliver a crushing if not fatal blow to the enemy.
    The Iranian people must hear that President Bush and the American people support their move for FREEDOM!
    The Blogos now has the power to spread this word that the MSM is not. Please pass this word and post on your sites.
    Statement by the President Bush on Iranian Elections
    In recent months, the cause of freedom has made enormous gains in the broader Middle East. Millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq defied terrorists to cast their ballots in free elections. Palestinians voted for a new president who rejects violence and is working for democratic reform, and the people of Lebanon reclaimed their sovereignty and are now voting for new leadership. Across the Middle East, hopeful change is taking place. People are claiming their liberty. And as a tide of freedom sweeps this region, it will also come eventually to Iran.
    Read more

  • Faramin

    The more Bush shuts his mouth up, the faster Iranians will get rid of the regime.
    Every time, the idiot has said something about Iran, it has backfired on people and worked for the regime. The idiot, just doesn’t learn, and we keep suffering.

  • Mehrdad

    There are 2 people that should stop blogging about politics.
    The first one is Hoder, he is a very nice guy and an amazing blogger but with some of the most auwful and wrong analyses of the political scene in Iran. A lot of times he writes up about the trends and culture in Iran and it’s very nice to read but as soon he ends up with political posts, the articles become rubbish.
    The second one, after this post, appears to be Mr. Jarvis. You too ignore the facts like several demonstrations days before the elections, beating of the pro-democracy women’s demonstrations protesters outside the evin prison and in front of Tehran university, sending Iranian blogger (Sami’i Nejad) to prison for years, boycott of elections by all major students organizations and so on…
    All of these, are not worth of a single post, but the rants of a 16-years old girl is a fact!
    I really like Jeff, as same as I like Hoder. Both are amazing people with awful political analyses.

  • Arash

    Well, so much for that. 60+ turn-out. The 3 reformers with 35 percent. The 3 conservatives with 40 percent. Hashemi with 20, and invalid ballots at 5 percent. We have Mr. Bush to thank for this. If only he could keep his mouth shut untill after the election.

  • mansoor

    Yep, 60+ turn-out according to whom? According to Mullahs’ stats? Thanks but no Thanks. George Bush did the right thing to support Iranian students.
    According to official news, there is not even 1 invalid ballot!!!