Using the innocents, continued

Using the innocents, continued

: I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to redo the International Freedom Center to turn it from an flagellation fest into a celebration of democracy and freedom in America.

No, I want to eliminate it.

The memorial at the World Trade Center should say everything that needs to be said.

So in the place of the so-called Freedom Center, I want to see the truest expression of American freedom: commerce.

I want to see stores that sell scanty clothes, no burkas allowed.

I want to see restaurants that serve liquor.

I want to see movies that show anything, even sex.

I want to see bookstores that celebrate free speech.

I want to see stores selling products from all over the world: the fruits of globalization.

I want to see life there. Defiant, unapologetic life.

: Just to be clear (reacting to a comment): I am not talking about the memorial; I endorse the memorial. It is this — as Ed Cone put it — noise around that from the Freedom Center that is bothersome.

So don’t bother with the Freedom Center, not here. Let the memorial speak for itself. And hand the rest of the space back to the living. That’s what I’m trying to say, in my hyperbolic way.