Painting deckchairs

Painting deckchairs

: AOL CEO Jonathan Miller tries to tout the wonders of AOL’s soon-to-be-public portal (a decade-late strategy, also known as conceding defeat) in a New York Times interview:

The intent, Mr. Miller said, is to differentiate from Yahoo by having a distinctive “voice” tuned to popular culture. The site’s main screens are meant to have the chatty personality of a morning talk show or women’s magazine, focusing on celebrities, health topics and the news of the day, drawing users to participate through instant polls and links to AOL’s chat rooms.

“The day I thought we nailed it was the day that Terri Schiavo died,” Mr. Miller explained. Yahoo and most other portals highlighted the story with headlines copied from news agency obituaries that read something like, “Terri Schiavo dead at 41,” he recalled.

“The AOL headline was, ‘Terri Schiavo’s sad story comes to an end,’ ” noted Mr. Miller, who said the AOL version better reflected the emotion of the case.

That’s just pathetic.

Oh, gawd, I wish I had sold my Time Warner stock before AOL came along and my FU money said FU.