The buttons that changed the world

The buttons that changed the world

: Ernie Miller notes the 30th anniversary of the VCR. The other day, I noted a fellow panelist marking the 28th year since the remote control reached 50 percent penetration in America.

These are the buttons that changed the world. I say this so often when I do my blogboy dance, I might as well just pull up the podcast of my life and hit play:

The most important invention in the history of media was not the Gutenberg press but the remote control, for it gave the people control of media.

This led to cable and in turn to the internet, which allowed us to control not just the consumption but also the creation of media. And we know how that is changing the worlds of media, marketing, politics, government, education, dictatorships, life.

It started with a click.

It started with handing over control to the people.

This is how my book starts….

… if I can find the time to write the damned thing.