Just bury me in the backyard

Just bury me in the backyard

: The Washington Post reports a trend in home funerals.

Sure enough, you can buy coffins on eBay.

  • How very Victorian.
    This is great, though. Death is the last thing that should be industrialized, commercialized, monetized, super-sized.
    You can get your coffin at Costco, too, by the way. And at strip-center discount stores.
    As for me, give me a pine box and some hungry earthworms.

  • brian

    jeff, do you get any sleep or are you always this frenetic?

  • My friend Nancy Rommelmann wrote an incredible piece about this, often referred to as the alt-death movement, back in February for the LA Times Magazine. Very worthwhile read.

  • You can still donate your body to science, if it’s not too far gone. Although there’s some body of opinion that burial is a way to preserve at least some green space.

  • You can buy anything on EBay. Except guns.