Media female mutilation

Media female mutilation

: Reporter Misty Harris of CanWest puts together a disturbing trend against the nipple.

First, of course, there was Janet Jackson’s armored apex.

Then, I as I recounted, Pam Anderson said producers were taping down her nipples on her show (the first bad use for gaffer’s tape).

Now, Harris reports, Desperate Housewives is digitally erasing the nipples of two of its stars (nippleless sex is apparently ok).

And Victoria’s Secret introduces a bra to tamp down those pesky, independently minded nipples.

Oh, come on. Women have nipples. God made nipples. God bless God. What’s wrong with nipples? Are we letting fear of prudes turn us into a nation of sniggling 12-year-olds?

I told Harris that I think this is a case for the National Organization for Women, who should take umbrage at the notion that nipples corrupt, that nipples are bad for us.

Free the Anderson Two! Free the nipples!