Cruisin’ for a losin’

Cruisin’ for a losin’

: When even The New York Times writes about your crackup, you know it’s bad.

  • Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.
    Speaking of Cruise,I recently blogged about some
    of his recent problems – the public’s skepticism
    of his relationship with Holmes and his
    anti-depressant mediation.
    I said then his career was going down the
    toilet and if I was right, hey, that’s great.

  • Eileen

    I’m crackin’ up. Why is it men always want major male stars to fail, ‘crack-up’ or be gay? [I’ll tell you why: male ego.] I’ve been noticing this for 30 some years now. Apparently some things never change.
    Trust me, the women in the (Oprah – yeah I saw it) audience applauded not only his devotion to his religious beliefs, but also his willingness to admit he loves someone. If you think THAT’s cracked up, I say look in your own mirror.
    He’ll bring them out in droves for both films.
    Maybe you guys should just focus on nipples and leave male stars to the ladies…

  • Eileen

    P.S. Before you hit me with the ‘it was written by a female’ bit, know that anyone who’s quoting Ariana as a source is already crackedup as far as I’m concerned. Add in the male editorial staff…(by the way, they missed a grammatical error)…and, well, you get the point.

  • Eileen

    Correction. I shouldn’t have said he ‘admitted’ he loves his new gal, whoever she is. He proclaimed it!
    Ahhh…and the ladies loved that even more.
    You boys need to learn something about romance. Maybe watch Tom? Hey, it’s just a hint.

  • Eileen

    One more time.
    “When even The New York Times writes about your crackup, you know it’s bad.”
    Do I? I don’t even read the Times except on rare occasion. It is not my paradigm for ANYTHING, not on Any Issue, Any News Topic, or Any View. They are soooo maligned/biased/against anything and everything I believe in they are NONEXISTENT.
    In fact, aren’t they just that ‘old gray lady’ from the 1900’s?

  • oh please, that studio audience would have cooed and cheered just as loudly if he had pranced around and said he just broke up with her.
    the only thing we learned from cruise’s appearence on oprah was the man is a movie star… not an actor. an actor would have pulled it off.

  • Regarding his disdain for the medical practice of psychiatry, and his claim that vitamins can be used to treat depression, what does he base this on?
    Here’s someone who didn’t finish high school, yet has a remarkable knowledge of clinical treatments. It’s amazing who we hold high regard for.
    Maybe the problem is we listen when these celebs start speaking lines that are not in the script. There should be a disclaimer everytime they appear in the media: Caution, actor opinion ahead.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Let’s ask Tom about XENU.

  • Jon

    Bob Woodward has just published in the Washington Post an account of how the FBI’s #2 man Mark Felt became Deep Throat. A key sound bite from Woodward’s account, “There is little doubt Felt thought the Nixon team were Nazis.”
    For more on the demonization of Mark Felt by both Nixon and Bush apologists, see “Gagging on Deep Throat.”

  • Susan

    Can you imagine the Hollywood furor if, for example, Mel Gibson had insisted on a Catholic tent being set up on the set of his latest “Lethal Weapon” movie?