A historic day: I agree with the French

A historic day: I agree with the French

: The French resoundingly defeated the European Union constitution. I didn’t much like it when it came out. Says the International Herald-Tribune:

With nearly 83 percent of the votes counted, the French Interior Ministry said the no camp had 57.26 percent, compared with 42.74 for the yes….

Turnout was estimated at more than 70 percent, far exceeding other recent elections in France. The final figure was expected to surpass turnout in the referendum on the Maastricht Treaty 13 years ago that paved the way to the euro.

“It’s a big no,” said Bruno Jeanbart, director of political research at the CSA polling station. “It’s a twin protest vote against the government and against Europe.”

It’s about trying to turn Europe in to a faux nation. It’s about protectionism. It’s about Europe thinking it is a world player when it is no longer. And it’s about a bad constitution that made up for in bureaucracy what it lacked in vision.