Big radio on small radio

Big radio on small radio

: NPR’s Morning Edition did a segment on podcasting this morning and they interviewed me (sitting under William Paley’s bookshelf at the Museum of Television and Radio, by ironic chance). They edited out plugs for podcast pioneers Dave Winer and Adam Curry (I swear it, Dave, on a stack of RSS manuals!). Take a listen here.

  • vnjagvet

    Heard it live. You ‘splained podcasting well. Even I understood it. I particularly liked your getting a plug in for blogs as the common man/woman’s printing press.
    I got the impression, though, that Renee was just a bit uncertain that all of this was a good idea.

  • I work at a web-dev shop and I have answered the “what makes a podcast different from streaming a file” question half a dozen times to fellow geeks that you would think would get it.

  • Aired way out here in Honolulu, too. Even my mom asked me about it! My favorite part? When Renee asked about newspapers getting into the act, and you rolled right over her with, “I’m not interested in that.” Viva la voxmedia!

  • Jeff,
    I don’t know if you or Renee provided the links to Wizards of Technology for the web article of your interview on NPR, but we appreciate it either way! THANKS!
    We have put a lot of time, effort, and money into this endeavor…and the listeners have really responded to us.
    We’d love to have you on our show, if you have some time…
    Best regards and stay subscribed,
    Marc Asturias – “MisterMarc”
    Wizards of Technology
    “.. it’s all about US being Geeks, so YOU don’t have to be!”