: Thanks for all the very nice comments, below, regarding my career move. Since I’m a lifelong wage slave and a chicken, it’s especially appreciated. But blog will still be blogs and so there are snarky comments even on this topic (I can imagine some of these commenters snarking about pictures of a bloggers’ new baby: “Ewwww, looks like Michael Moore!”). The snark:

So now you’re a full-time hypester eh?

A classic case of jumping on a bandwagon without knowing what’s really going on. But we live in an age of dilettantes and lightweights. 15-second attention spans demand 15-second pundits and prognosticators. I can just see Gladwell writing a retrospective on this craze in a year or two…

Well, actually, I’d say that Gladwell is just a craze.

  • Jake is a very simple Adsense sink. They develop thousands of pages of medium-quality content, stick on Adsense (and banner ads), and make sure their pages are search-engine friendly (check out their title and meta tags). Most of their traffic is probably surfers who drop in once through Google, MSN or Yahoo, read a bit then click through to an Adsense or banner ad. The vast majority never return for a second visit.
    Raising the quality of their articles won’t help increase their profit one iota. The fact that they sold for $400m just shows the NYT has no idea about making money online. Go to or and see what’s actually going on and how people are making money on the web. Hiring an old-media dinosaur to develop content is solid proof the NYT just doesn’t get it.
    Ah, well. I do think Jarvis will make a bundle consulting. Why? Because he has the ear of paleo-journalists who’re scared of becoming irrelevant. Insofar as he can present himself as somebody who saw the light and can help guide others too – for a handsome fee! – he can definiately rake in the big bucks. In the land of the blind and scared, the one-eyed man gets rich.

  • Hey, congrats Jeff! Just got the news (I was offline for a day or two).
    Rock on.

  • Flynn

    “Most of their traffic is probably surfers who drop in once through Google, MSN or Yahoo, read a bit then click through to an Adsense or banner ad. The vast majority never return for a second visit.”
    Ah, nothing like a business decision critiqued on the solid foundation of half-assed assumption! Great work.
    About/ is a huge content pool on the net needing direction. Taking it to the next level will require vision. I assume this is why Jeff was asked to join.

  • AF

    Jarvis, where do you get all your energy? Please write a book on that someday!
    Congratulations :)

  • Chancy

    WHEW—so many snarkers.
    I just hope they don’t try to make whine out of all those sour grapes

  • As I have yet to see JJ post anything that didn’t prove to some poster his utter -irrelevance, incompetence, imminent demise or otherwise (ohh, what poetry) I am surprised there was so much sheer upbeat pleasure for his success.
    JJ, if you weren’t so sensitive, I wouldn’t worry for you so much ;-}

  • daudder

    without the snarkers, how would we ever feel superior?
    oops. i guess that was kinda snarky.

  • Ruth – it’s called “survivorship bias” – At any given time, an A-list blogger has a fan-club and demise-predictors. But the demise-predictors tend to stop reading, while the fan-club tends to stay constant. So while there are always *some* demise-predictors, and their accumulated total numbers over time might theoretically approach or even exceed the fan-club, at any given moment the *active* number is likely to be much less than the fan-club. So it’s simple mathematics.

  • Thanks for the info, Seth, I am always amazed by the tendency to read and critique instead of contribute, or appreciate.

  • Congrats Jeff, best of luck. And don’t worry about the snarkers, they’re likely just jealous… and virgins.

  • Ed Poinsett

    Anything that might nudge the NYT away from Caliphate worship is going to help. Congratulations, Jeff.
    You could start by helping us red staters make something out of I’ve been there a couple of times and have absolutely no idea why I’d want to return. Possibly it’s just a nuance I can’t grasp.

  • Well, as a guy who works for the “man” (aka is a managing editor for a TV station web site), and also has a news site on the side, I’m all in favor of as many journalists as possible taking the plunge into the independent life.
    Of course, as much as I respect Jeff, I’m not sure my wife will care when I tell her, “But it’s okay to quit my job, honey, Jeff Jarvis did it.”