The joyous chicken

The joyous chicken

: Amanda Bennett, editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, welcomes Dan Rubin to his new post as official blogger with this:

Reader Carey O’Donnell of Haddonfield urged me to plunge the paper more heavily into that online fray.

“Bloggers are your readers,” he said over drinks at the Happy Rooster. More important, he said, they are the readers of the future. Don’t shun them, he said, and don’t ignore them. Embrace them. Both sides will benefit.

Well said, reader.

But she can’t resist a little snipe at the bloggers:

For all the hand-wringing about breaches in journalistic ethics, we have high standards of verification, truth-telling, testing and triangulating information that the freewheeling blogosphere could benefit from.

The world of bloggers, which often rests on opinion, assertion, untested assumptions and unwarranted conclusions, is developing its own system of checks and balances, based in large part on diverse audiences, near-instant response times, and the ability to quickly incorporate new evidence.

Uh, well, the bloggers and readers often think that news people often “rest on opinion, assertion, untested assumptions and unwarranted conclusions.” See the post directly below. At this good moment starting a good new feature with a well-respected journalist, did you have to make this an us-vs.-them moment? Couldn’t you resist the impulse?

But she adds:

Soon, I’ll be telling you more about how we will be entering into community conversations with our readers through new Neighbors publications and local home pages. Many more of us – including me – will be blogging. Reporters, artists, photographers, columnists will be appearing more online as well as in print. Come watch it happen.

Watch, we will.

Oh, and by the way, what heartens me most in this is that the grand tradition of journalism — hanging out for drinks at places with names like the Happy Rooster — is not dead.

  • Oh good god, that’s what they all say. In fact, it’s so like every other swipe at bloggers coming from mainstream professional newspeople today that I think they’ve all been issued little cards with that set of phrases on it and are required by addendums to their contract to add it in to anything they publish that mentions blogging.

  • Rick Friedman

    What burns me about this is that she dare “name drop” using MY (well my wife and my) favorite restaurant. That and the fact that I may accidentally run into her there.
    If I do though, I will be happy to enumerate all of the reasons that I canceled my subscription to that rag she calls a newspaper.

  • joy

    Even thoug this is a good *first* step for my hometown paper, two things strike me as annoying…
    1)It’s a blog run by a paper that requires registration to read the articles…
    2)Dan Rubin could have taken a few minutes and spent some time with geourl you, know…to actually find some actual Philly area blogs to talk about.
    It’ll be kind of stupid if he only talks the same old same old.