Close enough for Current

Close enough for Current

: Current.TV blogger Robin Sloan reacts to my post on tolerance for lower-quality video opening up new content possibilities:

You know, I remember asking Current broadcast facility manager Brett Kotheimer what video quality we’d consider a minimum threshold for VC2. His answer surprised me: I expected him to say, “Oh, standard DV with good lighting” or something. Instead he said (and I paraphrase): “Hey, as long as there’s a recognizable image, it’s potentially useful.”

Brett is serious about running a facility that uses professional expertise to make sure Current’s signal is rock-solid and broadcast-quality — and puts it to work in service of all kinds and qualities of video, from the sharpest in-house field reports to the roughest (but, perhaps, most compelling) VC2 submissions.

Again: Bring on the webcams, baby.

It’s the content that counts.