You tell ’em, Bernie

You tell ’em, Bernie

: Bernie Sanders — the independent congressman who fought the good fight for free speech on Maher’s show the other night — writes more on the cause:

Since his inauguration address, President Bush and his right-wing colleagues in Congress have launched a full-scale effort to limit and control the programming Americans are able to see and hear over the airwaves and the Internet. In short, theyíre going after your computer, your radio and your remote control.

I wish it were only the right-wing. But it’s not. [via SpeakSpeak]

: SpeakSpeak also sends us to a CafePress store with clever T-shirts — “Shut the FCC up!” — to support Creative Voices.

  • Johnny L

    “I wish it were only the right-wing. But it’s not.”
    The Left does the same thing as the Right but they see their efforts as “good” and therefore OK. Politically Correct speech censorship came from the left not the right. This is just one example.