Old opinions never die

Old opinions never die

: This reader once said I was too tough on The Dukes of Hazard.

I think I’m proud of that. No, I know I am.

  • Perhaps you could post the offending article so your fair readers could make up their own mind.

  • Well ct, I think that when that (hot) chick was 9, Mr. Jarvis was writing on paper, so it may be hard to track now, around 20 years after.

  • Holly

    Thanks for the link, Jeff. The details remain fuzzy (thereís so much going on when your 9) but you either panned the Dukes or Punky Brewster. I wasn’t having it and grandma proof read my letter.
    you & I seem to agree a little more these days :) nice blog.

  • I donít think I watched a single episode of Dukes.
    But, years ago when I was in a play, I got into a serious dispute with the director when I opined that writers should study The Beverly Hillbillies to learn how to write a sitcom.
    That show had a lot going for it.
    Instantly recognizable characters. We knew them all from Liíl Abner.
    A ëfish out of waterí theme. Always good.
    A poor, simple man comes into vast wealth. An audience favorite.
    A great bonus was Max Bearís portrayal of Jethroe Bodine. One of the best comic acting jobs of all time.
    The director never forgave me for disagreeing with him. As revenge, he took away one of my lines and gave it to a lesser character! What an evil, evil man.
    I swear I had nothing to do with any accidents that may have befallen him in later life. I was elsewhere.

  • Part of the existing Warner Brothers backlot is called “Hazzard Square”; it’s unarguably the coolest part of the lot, (the downtown establishing-shot: a big square with a cute little gazebo thing in the middle).
    PS: two Z’s in “Hazzard”, I think.

  • It was not such a bad show considering. Of course, it got pretty bad at the end with the ascendence of Cletus and the replacements for the main characters. But, Boss Hogg was pretty funny.

  • When my little brother was about 4 years old, he had a white 3 piece suit that he insisted on wearing to church every Sunday. He called it his “Boss Hawg” suit. Meanwhile, me and my sister, ages 7 and 9, argued over whether Luke or Bo was better looking, and secretly wished our mother would let us wear Daisy Duke shorts. If the show was meant to be marketed to the pre-teen set, then it was a complete success, at least in my family. :)