To the tune of I Want to Hold Your Hand

To the tune of I Want to Hold Your Hand

: Lots of fun followup to Bush’s hand-holding:

: Matt Welch is blushing for us all. Oh, no, his face is red because he’s frigging outraged.

: Obernews finds the PC angle, calling Welch vaguely homophobic for criticizing two men for holding hands.

: Justin Logan has a proper and well-put fit over that.

: Here’s ThinkProgess’ Bush Checklist: Stroll through wildflowers with dictator? Check. Stand up for pro-democracy Saudis? Naw.

: Electablog’s OHarmony: the dictator dating service.

: Lew Rockwell notes the White House/Fox News spin: The poor man was just slippin’ and slidin’ and Bush was making sure he didn’t fall.

: Yglesias: “… the whole spectacle of an American President begging the Saudi monarchs to lower oil prices is bizarre and repugnant.”

: Here’s a photo album of Bush-Saudi romantic moments.

: And don’t miss this convenient layout moment from the Dallas Morning News: The Picture next to this headline: “House Bans Gay Unions.”