Then call them the Jersey Giants, damnit

Then call them the Jersey Giants, damnit

: Well, my state has agreed to spend a fortune to keep the Giants in the Meadowlands.

I say that a condition of the deal must be to change the team’s names to the Jersey Giants.

Even the head of the Sports Authority is against the deal:

The opposition was led by George Zoffinger, the Sports Authority’s chief executive, who said he wanted to “remain consistent” with his past criticism of a deal he has claimed will cost taxpayers at least $150 million and will force his agency to operate at a deficit.

“My opposition stems from my wife being a social worker and my seeing the things the state needs to spend money on rather than football stadiums,” Zoffinger said. “We’ve worked hard over the past three years to accomplish some financial stability and that is going to be difficult moving forward.”

I’m against the deal. But I fear there’s no winning now. So we need to get something out of it: Let’s make the Giants recognize that they’re in New Jersey, not New York. Make them change the name.

Hey, Jersey bloggers, let’s swarm ’em. I just sent this email to Acting Gov. Codey, the director of external affairs for the Sports & Exposition Authority, and to my state legislators (find them here):

If you’re going to spend millions in taxpayers’ money building a new stadium for the Giants, the least you can do is make changing their name to the Jersey Giants a condition of the deal.

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