: I just got comment spam from this piece of monkeyshit. Why don’t you go and tell him what you think of spammers?

  • I’d never considered calling someone a “monkey shit”… However, I like it; where as most strong language tends to lose its meaning, “monkey shit” is fresh — it forces you to actually think about the meaning of the words.
    Thank you Jeff.

  • Correction: Monkey shit may or may not be fresh. It depends when the monkey flung it.

  • I was debating: monkey puss. monkey smegma. monkey puke.
    On second thought, “spammer” is worse than any of those.

  • Monkey Shit? I have heard of “f**k” and “d**k breath” but never monkey shit as a bottom line moniker. Nice one.

  • rick_d

    Seems like an insult to monkeys everywhere.

  • I think “smegma” is always a useful insult, when combined with anything. “Monkey smegma” is just funny enough to not be gross. But I went to the link and called him a monkeyshit anyway.

  • I hope this isn’t seen as me throwing our discussion off track, but I wanted to clarify my earlier comment. As Danny rightfully pointed out, Monkey Shit is indeed not-so-fresh under certain circumstances. However, in this situation I think “monkey shit” and the physical apperence of that book writing monkey shit synergized to create a robust and scalable targeted insult (or “smart-insult”).
    Jeff, respectfully I’m going to have to disagree with your claim that “spammer” could top “monkey shit”. The whole point of an insult is to call the target something they don’t want to be. Obviously, apparently he wants to be a spammer — so its not insulting. Therefore, we have to take our next best insult, “Monkey Shit”, and do our best to let him know that he is a monkey shit, and that even if his book was free, it would be “free” in the same way as baby vomit is “free”.

  • I made sure to visit his link and make him aware of my thoughts. I couldn’t think of anything that clever. I had just finished paying bills so i was a little bummed. However, i think that he’ll understand my opinions of his actions and maybe he’ll learn to walk the correct path in his future endeavors. On the other hand, he’s a spammer, so he might never be capable of learning.

  • Interesting. I got comment spam from Signature Baby (baby clothes) the other day. The emails listed on their site don’t work, but they list this address:
    Signature Baby Inc
    846 Redford Drive
    Provo, UT 84604
    Zip code look familiar?

  • No Longer Addicted To Blogs

    This is certainly an edifying discussion! New journalism, indeed.

  • ted

    The emails go to for anyonw wishing to mailbomb him