Vote for Tony

Vote for Tony

: I agree with every word of Tom Friedman’s column endorsing Tony Blair… and I laughed at this:

Remember, in the darkest hours of the Iraq drama, when things were looking disastrous (and there have been many such hours), Mr. Bush could always count on the embrace of his own party and the U.S. conservative media machine and think tanks.

Tony Blair, by contrast, dined alone. He had no real support group to fall back on. I’m not even sure his wife supported him on the Iraq war. (I know the feeling!)

  • Faramin

    Of course you do! Tony Blair is the co-criminal of your war criminal leader for whom you have always cheered for.

  • Kat

    No, Faramin, the criminals were the pondscum you cheered for. Tony Blair is a good man. But you wouldn’t know a good man . You prefer gutblowing imbeciles. Tony knows who the enemy is and you is the enemy.

  • Giules

    Although to be honest Tony has only ever had a small group of close freinds in the Labour party so he was really dinning with the same small group as before – it was just the banging on the door which was louder!

  • franky

    Of course scream for “DEMOCRACY!!!!” and then suggest people vote for the candidate who runs contrary the majority opinion in a country. I think I’m getting the hang of this “LIBERTY!!!!” and “FREEDOM!!!!”

  • too many steves

    Democracy isn’t just a matter of taking a poll – if it were we could elminate both Houses of Congress and use Nielson to figure out what to do on local, State, and Federal issues.
    Jeff: I’m not sure you’ve purposely implied that Tony Blair hasn’t gotten the support he deserves from US conservatives, but if you did do you really think that source of support would help him?

  • Howard

    So Franky believes in mob rule.
    “One man with courage is a majority.”
    Ever heard that quote? Don’t sweat it though – the odds of your ilk ever having courage is nil to zero.
    Oh and by the way: Franky, Faramin, Faramin meet Franky.