What, they’ll sing show tunes?

What, they’ll sing show tunes?

: I love this promo on the American Society of Newspaper Editors site, promoting an event at their annual confab in D.C. (vs. A.C.):

ASNE will host its first-ever Gay Reception on Wednesday to help foster a more comfortable environment for its gay and lesbian members.

And what, precisely, makes gay editors “more comfortable?” Making them come out at a reception? Playing Liza? Hugging? It’d be a parody if it weren’t true.

  • jj

    We can be optimistic and believe they are just trying to isolate them?

  • I can see it now… a gaggle of confused homosexual newspaper editors standing in the middle of the room while the sponsors of the get-together look on. “Aren’t they adorable?”
    Good to know that the “equality is best achieved by singling out the people who are not seen as equal and treating them like novelties” meme is alive and kicking.

  • I am proud…and yet in a way, humble…to be part of the media’s new Chia-pet minority…