Conference spam

Conference spam

: I agreed to be a part of another frigging panel next week, giving some damned conference organizer free content. OK, I know the deal. But I just got email from the organizers — at VNU — acting like they were doing me some f’ing favor introducing me to some f’ing vendor who is there. Yeah, like I’m dying to talk to a yellow pages vendor. Let me at ’em. I sent email to the bozo who sent me this human conference spam and told him to stop spamming me. He had the balls to send back email not apologizing but saying, “The purpose wasn’t to spam you but rather to facilitate matching between attendees at the DMC and the various other vendors there…” To which I replied with one word: “Bull.”

  • C Bassett

    Don’t get into a rumble or anything while you’re there.

  • Of course, he’ll pass along your response to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, and you’ll be inundated with “Bull. It’s what’s for dinner!” tee-shirt promos.
    Let’s face it. We’re under assault in the Age of the Relentless Marketer.

  • Load of Hooey

    It’s not marketing–It’s networking!

  • Jarvis, of course, ought not be confused with a “relentless marketer” or, horror of horrors, referred to as “another vendor.”
    Anyone who could so badly misconstrue Jarvis’ generous willingness to grace “another frigging panel” with his free content deserves this outpouring of bile.
    Speaking as a vendor, Jeff, you’ve amply demonstrated your superiority to the likes of us.

  • Old Coot

    You’re getting to sound more like Ace every day. Keep it up…it reads well.

  • I got cheer facillitaaation rite cheer..
    This way to the Egress!!

  • Jeff, if you weren’t such an attention hog you wouldn’t be going to all these conferences.
    Say no, mean it, and carry an ash wood quarter staff. (If nothing else works doing time for aggravated assault will keep you out of conferences.:))

  • Benjamin

    You’re such a nice chap, aren’t you Jeff?
    Perhaps the reality is some poor bugger’s got to do this work.

  • Dan H

    With all this experience being a spokesmodel for such a worthless endeavor as blogging, you should try your hand at something more ambitious like an infomercial.
    All you have to do is to find some has-been blonde actress and you two could sell stain remover or pasta machines.
    And there’s always, “Sweating to the Oldies.”
    BTW, Spoild is great. It’s ten times better than instapinhead.
    [Benjy: Does a bugger practice buggery?]

  • Benjamin

    Benjy: Does a bugger practice buggery?
    Not necessarily in this context. Just an expression of speech.
    My point was the chap (the “spammer”) was only trying to do his job, and perhaps old Jeff could have been more polite?
    He’s not like some dubious “dignatory” type sending out millions of emails asking for details of your bank account! :-)

  • I love that PC attitude: He’s only trying to do his job. So I suppose you read and respond to and enjoy all the spam you get because they’re just doing their jobs. Bull.
    AS to the panel: I didn’t ask to do it.

  • Benjamin

    I don’t regard it as PC attitude, Jeff.
    I actually don’t get much spam, but if I got something like that from the organisers of something I was attending I might get annoyed, yes, but I would not publically abuse the chap on my blog, nor complain too much about it. You may regard it as spam but its probably not re-occuring, just related to that event. No biggie.
    Yeah, the guy was just doing his job.
    Whatever your politics, Jeff, you do come across as an obnoxious media type, at times. Those types can lose perspective, humour and humility. Be aware.

  • Well, Benjamin, did you add your phone number to the do-not-call list? If so, you put somebody out of a job. If not, you need a life.
    This guy was surely paid to contact me on behalf of Verizon Superpages, with whom I have absolutely no desire or need to talk.
    Assuming he is paid, he is wasting their money.
    I’m not paid, so he’s wasting my time.
    If he’d just said, sorry, I’ll take you off the list, that would have been the end of it.
    But he didn’t: He continued to try to bamboozle and spam me. In the old days, I’d have had no recourse but to grumble and spit.
    Now I have a blog where I can grumble and spit.
    And grumble and spit, I will.

  • Benjamin

    I am a Brit in the Far East.
    Look, I would be annoyed too, I am with you there. But you just need a bit of perspective though.
    I just don’t think its cool abusing anonymous people on your blog. He might not be a “bozo”, you know….
    Just might just be trying to earn a bit of cash before moving on. That’s life.

  • Jarvis’ stance is clear as can be: approach him with hyper-alert reverence and sensitivity or risk public, foul-mouthed abuse. Dare to suggest that he might need some humility and risk being told that you need a life.
    Jeff, some of your readers don’t think it’s acceptable to spit on anyone, no matter the provocation.

  • Except, of course, Mr. High and Mighty, that you can spit on me.
    I assume you give money to all panhandlers.
    You reply to all spam: politely.
    You take all unsolicited phone calls and listen patiently.
    You give your email to Barnes & Noble whenever they ask for it.
    You buy the extra warranties at electronics stores.
    Oh, yes, I want to be more like you.
    I want to be a chump.
    Listen: This company did not have my permission to spam me and I had every right to protest.

  • Don’t just complain about it, Jeff. Take action:

    The origin of each spam gets reported to their ISP. If there are enough complaints, the IP address gets added to a blocklist that anyone can use to filter spam.

  • toots

    Hey, you wanted to be a star, a blog evangelist, now everybody wants a piece of you — access, autographs, promotion. And you’re shocked, shocked.
    If you practice journalism, they’ll leave you alone.

  • If you’re referring to the Digital Marketing Expo, I’ll be there and very much looking forward to the panel with you and Steve Rubel.

  • “Perhaps the reality is some poor bugger’s got to do this work.”
    “Yeah, the guy was just doing his job.”
    “I am a Brit in the Far East.”
    Heh. Ten to one Benjamin is the “poor bugger” just “doing his job.” 95% of the spam I get is from places like Singapore.

  • “The purpose wasn’t to spam you but rather to facilitate matching between attendees at the DMC and the various other vendors there”
    Jeff – how do you define “spam”? This guy was an employee of the conference, right? And his job likely includes getting the vendors and the speakers to interact, as he POLITELY stated in his repsonse to you, right? That’s not a terrible thing to ask, is it? If you don’t want to meet vendors, just tell him so. Why react so aggressively as if the very fact of him asking is some type of harrassment?
    Do you react so violently everytime someone asks you to do something or meet someone you don’t want to?

  • When I first read this ill-tempered, potty-mouthed rant I thought “If Jarvis worked for me, Jarvis would be made to disappear.”
    Congratulations on your new gigs, Jeff.