STOP THE PRESS(ES)! Denton v. Drudge!

STOP THE PRESS(ES)! Denton v. Drudge!

: Nick Denton launches his newest site today: News with attitude.

Sploid will go live at midday with BIG HEADLINES! and TOP NEWS! and WEIRD NEWS! and a TABLOID MENTALITY — which is to say, honest news judgment that gets to the point of the story.


It delivers the headlines worth talking about, like Drudge. But it looks better — like a cheesy German tabloid. And it puts the top news on top, where it should be.

And it won’t spare Drudge’s sacred cows. Denton says Sploid’s politics are “anarcho-capitalist” — think libertarian without the wacky shit. They’ll go after the stupid and slothful on the left and the right and won’t be afraid — unlike Drudge — to call media on its fawning over the pope.

Sploid is being written/edited/spat out by Choire Sicha, former Gawker… and by Ken Layne, everybody’s favorite blogger and a founder of the lost and lamented online Tabloid who hasn’t blogged in too f’ing long… and Henry Seltzer, a Gawker Media stalwart. This is an incredible team.

: See also Joe Hagan’s story in the Observer about Drudge v. Sploid v. Huffington. Drudge is being very huffy about his new competitors. He sounds just like big media when he came along. Well, of course, he is big media now.

  • Whole lotta Denton love at Buzzmachine. Are you, by any chance, an investor in GawkerMedia, Jeff? Or just a fan….

  • steve


  • “We want to occupy the space between the whiny left and the ranting right,” said Mr. Denton
    This is exactly what the doc ordered!!!
    As far as plugging Denton, anyone following the blog world and interested in the future of media has to be watching. I’m still skeptical because I have yet to promote a Denton blog to my A-list. Blogs that are organic seem more interesting and exciting and real. And as a long time netter, money has ruined just about everything on the net.

  • Maybe it’s me but I can’t get to the site? It asks for a password I don’t have!

  • This news makes me all tingly in my pants. I’ll blogroll it sight unseen.

  • Jayme, doesn’t premier until midday (noon Gotham time…)

  • All these tortured descriptions – “between the whiny left and the ranting right”,”anarcho-capitalist”!
    Who knows? That demo may be out there, and if Denton can rope ’em in, good for him.
    But, after a brief look at the editorial “team”, it appears that we’re in for just what the world needs:
    More snark.

  • Yawn is correct. Great that gawker is as successful as it should be, but do they really need another site?
    And since when does HUGE headlines make for better reading?
    Whatever happened to content?

  • Ken Layne is what will make this successful. Before blogs Layne co-edited something very similar to this called which was outrageous and funny and outrageous.
    Seeing that Denton is behind it means that Layne will have the chance ($$$) to do what he did for so long before the web exploded.
    It will be far more than big headlines. I expect it to be a huge influence on other bloggers – particularily the “A-List”.

  • On behalf of Jesusland: I will immediately delink anyone who links to sploid. But, I don’t think that will be necessary as technorati shows a total of six (6, i.e., one more than five, two more than four) bloggers discussing today’s big news.
    I especially love having to scroll a few pages to read a site.
    Thank God for Drudge.

  • Oh, and tony?…not to mention, Rock Star!

  • It’ll fail (in comparison to Drudge at least) unless it gets an entirely different design. Drudge thrives because its a quick loading, minimal scrolling eyeballs full of news all at once website. With Sploid, I see 2 stories prior to scrolling – thats not going to cut it.

  • Chico

    Sploid is awful and boring
    Cool update on Peter Jenning but
    Sploid needed to get Mr. Jennings’ X-Rays of his lungs

  • Ok. Wait a minute. The very first story I see on Sploid (Sex Creep Poses As Vice Cop!) links to a Rocky Mountain News story, but when you click on the accompanying picture (screen capture of GTA?) you arrive at a picture of the Pope lying in state.
    Is this Pope bashing? Bad editing? What?
    Drudge must be thrilled with this expensive, extensive parody of him.
    Shorter Sploid and bottom (head)line: Denton idolizes Drudge, his Dark Master.

  • rivlax

    If this is such an incredible team, why does the site look like crap?

  • JE

    Anarcho-Capitalism = Wacky Shit. Any individualistic libertarianism = Deluded Wacky Shit. Capitalism = a theory that has never actually been put into practice and never will, the pro-business/coporate line = something that was disproven in oh say ~1929.

  • Tim

    I agree with the critics — Sploid is all hype and attitude, with no content. Far too much “design” and waaaaaayyyy too cynical. They ain’t gettin’ a bookmark from me. Drudge is awesome.

  • IThere’s plenty of evidence that capitalism works just fine, but anarcho-capitalist does = wacky shit. I used to hang out with those folks; the Libertarian Party was too mainstream for them.

  • tony

    “capitalism works just fine” ….for those at the top.

  • Stevie

    Jesus, Jeff… get your lips off off Denton’s ass before they stick there. You have no idea where that’s been.
    In the interests of full disclosure maybe you could take a moment and reassure us that your posting of what seems to be a press release isn’t motivated by a financial interest? Considering the amount of content on the site and the overall look, you made some pretty bold statements here.
    “Incredible team”, “honest news judgment”, “They’ll go after the stupid and slothful” — these accolades are based on, what, exactly?

  • Mike G

    I think this is the fastest I’ve ever gone from thinking that a Nick Denton site was interesting and I should check it every day to not giving a shit! Yes, even faster than Assfuckette or Pornbannerbot or the car one I never even bothered to look at!

  • Gregg

    Jeff: can you say, for the record, whether you have any financial interest in Gawker Media?

  • No, I have no financial interest in Gawker Media. Nick is a friend (the guy who introduced me to blogging; I am on the board of another company he founded, Moreover). I like his sites. We’d been talking about this site for months. I like it. You don’t? Fine. I do. I would think you’d like it, folks, since it’s snarky and… judging by the evidence right here… so are you. Makes the world go ’round.
    Nick didn’t even buy coffee yesterday. I did.

  • Jeff,
    Why did you mention coffee? Do you own stock in Starbucks? I demand to see your complete tax records for the past seven years!
    I’d also like to go through your trash, just to be on the safe side.

  • JRK

    “Everybody’s favorite blogger, Ken Layne”? Really? This is the intolerant guy who freaked out when Bush won and is so far over the ledge with his aetheist, anti-Christian trip he makes Hitchens look like Billy Graham! His last two blogging ventures were temper tantrums directed at believers, war supporters and anyone to the right of Moveonorg. Puleez. Layne shuttered his Kerry site after the Bush election with twenty screeds against Jesusland and finally ended it all with a map of Jesusland.
    Plus, who reads gawkermedia anyway? I’m not impressed by either their ratings or Denton’s political savvy. He’s narrowcasting again. Cox doesn’t have anything to post unless it’s a Bush-bash, Gawker tries to appeal only to NYKers of the left (more Bush administration yukking)–Denton’s already cut down 60 percent of his potential audience by continually trashing center-right Dems, war supporters and anything remotely Republican. Denton can’t even find something funny or alarming about Byrd at Cox. Byrd’s recent loony meltdowns have been treated with more reverence at Denton-world than the Pope on CNN. Boy, Layne’s gonna really help those demographics by narrowing the pipeline. Why not hire a real libertarian curmudgeon, like Bill Quick?

  • Ok, I just looked at Sploid, and I’m not really sure why this site should be considered as an example of blogging’s contribution to public discourse. Is this supposed to be what our “citizen’s media” should aspire to?

  • On the otherhand, I suppose Sploid isn’t even a blog in the first place, just a news aggregator which appropriates other sites content while making up its own sensational headlines.

  • Sploid is the latest installment in Nick Denton’s ongoing jihad against the blogosphere. His roots are MSM, after all.

  • Dan

    Sploid goes splat… I feel bored just reading the first headline… clueless overreaching twits. How about refocusing on the newly sucky Gawker and dullish Wonkette? (I have a feeling the wit mixed with profanity model is crumbling. I mean, even The Onion royally sucks now.)

  • Ick. Content completely aside, that is one of the ugliest, most unreadable sites I’ve seen in a long time.
    Content aside, still, Drudge’s rather plain site gets all of the headlines right at you, with no scrolling and no eyestrain.
    The ex-grocery store checker is still smarter than his betters.