Your correspondent

Your correspondent

: I continue to enjoy reading AfghanWarrior. Waheed reports on the trials of everyday life — people simply cannot afford to buy meat, for example — and in his latest post, he answers questions, including:

11. Waheed, if someone said to you five years ago that the Taliban would be out of power, Afghanistan would have democratic elections, Kabul would be being rebuilt and blossoming, women would be actually allowed to protest for their rights, new schools would be being built, you would be working for the U.S. Military and telling the world about Afghanistan through your Blog on the Internet, would you have believed them?

During the Taliban regime we wouldn’t have believed that the US Army would come to Afghanistan, but we were hoping that one day Afghanistan will be free. But when the US attacked, everything changed very quickly. I wouldn’t have believed that one day I would be working as an interpreter and we would have 4 TV channels and women would have their ministry and protest for their rights.

The contributions to Waheed to help him get a laptop and pay for access have leveled off.

Go there now and give him some payment for being your corresponent in Afghanistan. I don’t have a tip jar. SO give to Waheed instead, please.