Getting past the shouting

Getting past the shouting

: MSNBC’s Connected has a good show on right now trying to get past the shouting and have on experts who debate the issues, ethics, and facts about whether there is a chance of recovery in a case like Schiavo’s and whether a feeding tube is medical treatment.

Just finished watching the whole show. It was good because it used the form — talk — to get past opinion and shouting and tried to find the facts and inform (ain’t that journalism?). Of course, there was disagreement. But the show was grounded in an effort to inform.

: LATER: See also Cathy Young getting down to facts at Hit & Run.

  • kl

    …and of course, 15 people watched it.

  • Tommy B

    Just what we need… more experts.
    The “experts” are supposed to serve the client, not tell the client what to do.
    The experts failed Terri.

  • Jon H

    The show “Odyssey” on WBEZ radio in Chicago (and on the web) is like that.
    It helps that their guests are academics, not the usual suspects who show up on talk shows, who often are directly involved with lobbying efforts. Invite Stephen Moore on your show, and you’re going to get the day’s talking points, as he tries to move the ball. You’re not going to get a good discussion of the facts.
    Odyssey also has a nice tendency to cover non-topical things. A couple weeks ago, they had some academics on discussing the history of piracy and the lives of pirates.
    Very high-brow. No shouting. Old shows are archived online.

  • bah humbug

    We’re sick of it. It’s none of our business. We all die and it’s never pretty, but it’s never been on TV before.
    Now the Pope and Jerry Falwell are in the tube circus.
    Johnny Cochran had kept his dying private, and so kept his dignity.

  • I think a better way of putting it would be to say that the purpose was “to discover,” rather than “to inform.”

  • Susan Carr

    Elbert Hubbard
    Are we ready to sacrifice principles for changing circumstances? Are we ready to let the proponents of religious dogma or political extremism govern our country? As they promote their cause, we have been subjected to their proselytizing in every form of the media whether we want to listen or not there they are! Many participants in the Shiavo circus, have shown us that their intent and their fanaticism is geared to go beyond Terriís welfare to their own agendas! The other patients at the hospice have a right to privacy ! Children had to be transferred temporarily from one school to another to avoid the sideshow! New death threats are reported again! Any sensible person would not want these pretenders to morals to have a say so in our lives and our government! WORST OF ALL human malice has reared its ugly head in bomb threats, threats to life and limb and a disruption of many lives.
    Principles have always framed our Democracy and have guided us through many problems. The right to privacy grants us freedom from government intrusion and is one of our most cherished rights; though under George Bush some of that protection has been greatly diluted! Bush and his Administration wears the cloak of religion on one hand, but at the same time intrudes in our very lives using another cloak called ìsecurity!î
    There are many versions of religion! In our past history we have proclaimed men free to believe as they want to or not to believe, and our country promoted tolerance! Many of us who regard the separation of the Church and State sacrosanct have been INUNDATED in overwhelming numbers with faith-based initiatives, faith-based causes and the Talking Heads of the Religious Right and the Moral Police! If we turn on the television, or read a newspaper thatís all we hear lately. Their fanaticism looks like it is leading us down a road we donít want to travel, the dangerous road to persecution and a government that is acting more like a theocracy!
    STRIKE UP THE CIRCUS BAND because under the heading of ìI THOUGHT I HEARD IT ALLî: A group is actually offering to sell an old video of Terri Schiavo for a $100 dollar donation, they claim Bob Schindler signed the request. Profiteering is at its worst as the claim also stated, ìThen people could see for themselvesî what state Terri is in. Wouldnít all of us like videos of our tragedy being sold, especially if we never wanted to live in a persistent vegetative state to begin with! Now all the knowledgeable laymen out there can play doctor! How do you spell vulgar ìOPPORTUNISTS!î All you donors, who have contributed to a fund for Terri can now look forward to being contacted by numerous organizations since a donor list has been sold to a Direct Marketing firm! Now everyone, letís pray for the Profiteers!
    Today the court will hear yet another plea and the news will await yet another answer! Michael Schiavo has agreed to an autopsy and stays out of the public eye!
    Politicians have jumped on the religion bandwagon and have used the Schiavo case to forward their ìONE PARTY CONTROLî and their own political agenda. The author, Karl Popper, had a message for those who promote ethics but are unethical themselves. He said, ìWhat we needÖ.is to moralize politics, and NOT to politicize morals!î