: Just got off MSNBC’s Connected.

We talked Schiavo links and I’m glad to see Ron and Monica talk about how the rhetoric — especially from Congress — is getting overheated. BlogsForTerri is calling for people to fly to Florida. I hope that is just for a vigil but I fear that the anger is getting red-hot. I also mentioned a petition on MoveOn telling Washington to butt out (funny, you’d think it’d be the Republicans saying Washington should butt out of state business). And I mentioned the split in the Republican party, blogged below, quoting Andrew Sullivan and Joe Gandelman.

: On a general blogging segment, I reported the news on GoogleNews, below, and mentioned the good news of blogs in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

And I got to mention the growth of vlogs, pegged to the release of as a new home for citizens’ multimedia. And we played RocketBoom on the air. Now that’s cool: citizens’ TV on mainstream TV.

Ron said he’d be leaving early to see his vlogging coach.