The scariest thing about this…

The scariest thing about this…

: … is that instead of waking up to music or a buzzer like a normal person, Matthew Yglesias wakes up to politics. So he does, indeed, eat, sleep, and dream this stuff.

: Meanwhile, David Weinberger needs more sleep.

  • Mr ed

    Hey Jeff it seem’s you have a problem with someone who really knows his stuff. Jealous?

  • pdf

    Good to see you getting right to the substance of his post, JJ.

  • oh, come on guys, it’s a JOKE!

  • On the other hand, I go to sleep listening to Fox News in the background. Hearing O’Reilly’s voice so often is bound to give anyone constant nightmares.

  • what scares me is a President who signs bills in his sleep

  • Vincent

    Jeff, as much as I’d like you to answer *my* own comments, I’d suggest you stop answering your commenters so much. You know, feeding the trolls and all.

  • rabidfox

    Jeff, it’s about time someone started to hold Google’s feet to the fire. I’ve stopped using them as a search engine because I figgure you can determine someone (or a company) by the company they keep and I DON”T like what google seems to think are rational news sources.