: How do you like that name for all this: Volksmedia?

Yesterday, I was reading a big story about citizens’ media in Focus, the German newsmagazine — about Flickr, blogs, and all that — and they translated the phemon into the german as Volksmedien.

I like that. It has a funky, retro, populist, Volkswagen feel, of course, with that buggy attitude. NYTimes Executive Editor Bill Keller complained that “citizens’ media” — my moniker of choice, was a bit pretentious or at leas presumptuous. I don’t disagree. He proposed “people’s media,” but that seemed all too Internationale to me. I once called it “populist media,” but that brings too much baggage.

So how about volksmedia?

: LATER: Well, this one laid an egg, judging by the comments.

I’d be curious to hear German bloggers react to the reaction.

: NIGHTTIME UPDATE: Well, a couple of German bloggers don’t like the idea.

: Jim Treacher proposes “wedia.” [I was lazy and didn’t give him a link so here is a link, a very long link….]