Free speech spreads

Free speech spreads

: The first Afghan blog. [via IraqTheModel and Tim Oren]

My name is Waheed. I am a 20 year old male from Afghanistan and I have been working with the US Army in Kabul, Afghanistan as an interpreter for the last 2 years….

During the Taliban we didn

  • pd

    Kewl.thks for the tip

  • steve

    It seems like some US computer computer company who wanted to make a difference could really help by providing cheap internet access for Afghanis in some way….

  • button

    I was under the impression that the authorities over there had installed the free public access internet computers in the post offices since they don’t have a free public library network like we do. Was I misinformed? If so, who pocketed the money for those (missing?) computers?

  • Sid Nirenberg

    In the past the Soros Foundation has provided through its Open Society Institute OSI generous funding for just that sort of thing.
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