All Jacko all the time!

All Jacko all the time!

: I was supposed to be on MSNBC this afternoon to talk about blogs and Rather the morning after, but I got bumped by continuous Jacko coverage: Dan’s final indignity.

Just turned on the TV and saw that Jackson came late and there was a bench warrant for his arrest. ‘

He showed up wearing pajama bottoms (aha! he’s a blogger!) and slippers.

A legal analyst just said that the judge may revoke Jacko’s bail. He said we’d get some indication whether that has happened when he goes to the bathroom, for he is usually accompanied by his bodyguards, but if he’s accompanied by sheriff’s deputies, then we’ll know he’s under lock-and-key.

And, yes, we are getting to the point of covering Michael Jackson’s bathroom visits.

Turns out I’m now going to be on MSNBC today, after all: All Jacko, all the time.

Trolling for blog posts (which are not as plentiful as, say, bankruptcy-bill posts) I found this, for your amusement.

: There’s a thread of complaint in blogs about coverage of Jackson. See David Weingerger, lolling around in a posh European spa:

I’m in a hotel room in Madrid listening to CNN. What’s the lead story? Michael Jackson was late to court.

How do the journalists there — people who got into the business because they are committed to an informed democracy — feel about this outlandish pandering?

See Nashville Files:

No wonder people are not paying attention to the main stream media anymore.

See Monkey McGee:

I know this isn