All Jacko all the time!

All Jacko all the time!

: I was supposed to be on MSNBC this afternoon to talk about blogs and Rather the morning after, but I got bumped by continuous Jacko coverage: Dan’s final indignity.

Just turned on the TV and saw that Jackson came late and there was a bench warrant for his arrest. ‘

He showed up wearing pajama bottoms (aha! he’s a blogger!) and slippers.

A legal analyst just said that the judge may revoke Jacko’s bail. He said we’d get some indication whether that has happened when he goes to the bathroom, for he is usually accompanied by his bodyguards, but if he’s accompanied by sheriff’s deputies, then we’ll know he’s under lock-and-key.

And, yes, we are getting to the point of covering Michael Jackson’s bathroom visits.

Turns out I’m now going to be on MSNBC today, after all: All Jacko, all the time.

Trolling for blog posts (which are not as plentiful as, say, bankruptcy-bill posts) I found this, for your amusement.

: There’s a thread of complaint in blogs about coverage of Jackson. See David Weingerger, lolling around in a posh European spa:

I’m in a hotel room in Madrid listening to CNN. What’s the lead story? Michael Jackson was late to court.

How do the journalists there — people who got into the business because they are committed to an informed democracy — feel about this outlandish pandering?

See Nashville Files:

No wonder people are not paying attention to the main stream media anymore.

See Monkey McGee:

I know this isn

  • tim

    hard to compete with jacko in pjs

  • It’s a serious circus. He’s no Martha, I don’t going to jail for 21 years will redem him in the public eyey. I actually feel sorry for him, but he did it. Not because he did it, but because he’s nuts.

  • Chaunce Hayden

    I just hope this comment thread isn’t seized by those looking to make jokes at Mr. Jackson’s expense…such as:
    What is the difference between a grocery bag and Michael Jackson?
    One is white, plastic, and dangerous for kids to play with.
    And the other is a grocery bag.

  • Why does Michael Jackson like twenty eight year olds?
    There’s twenty of them.

  • wussy anon

    Just what the Bushies need right now, an msm whose only competence is covering domestic “news”. All the better to cover up the latest checkpoint shooting or torture update.

  • The irony is you could interview 100 people IN THE TV NEWS BIZ, and 95 of them would say what they’re doing is horseshit.
    Go figure.
    With tongue nearly pushing through cheek, Steve Safran at Lost Remote said it best on Jackson’s late arrival. “Sadly, there was no chopper shot.”

  • Gunther
  • Gunther

    Damn! link doesn’t work. Anyway, I realize that people here are far too mature to actually bother checking this site out, but there’s a large collection of MJ jokes here:

  • Fcb

    Wasn’t looking for Jacko news or anything, but I snatched a wayward LA Times headline yesterday before thir spell-checkers got their spoiling hands on it?

  • Victor

    then there is the Michael Jackson Trial Watch blog. Somoene is on the ball with that one.

  • rick d

    Fcb, that’s a great grab! Someone’s clearly having fun with this over at the Times.
    I’m so used to identities being withheld in such stories that it’s quite jarring to hear the name of MJ’s accuser used in trial reports on the BBC World Service. I realize it’s mostly a conditioned response on my part, but a bit weird too.
    The sound bite collage on the Daily Show last week of a dozen or so reporters uttering “media circus” was masterful.

  • Jon

    The Michael Jackson coverage is just another example of the media and its fixation with the “Faux National Tragedy.”

  • I am a friend of Dana (cobalt420 on LiveJournal) and I was wondering how you found her entry on Michael Jackson.

  • I live blogged the action in the Jackson trial this morning. I’ve been trying to stick to one short nightly update, but this morning was just too compelling–it really was a live drama unfolding on tv–very reminiscent of OJ’s Bronco run. All three cable news networks dropped everything for the hour.
    Jackson’s trial has become unpredictable, and that will keep it on top of the news.