The Week after wine

The Week after wine

[Wrote this last night at The Week’s dinner; posting now….]

: After dinner, they’re having a panel on whether media elite is out of touch with America.

The answer is yes and the panel is over.

Oh, if only.

God knows why they have Pat Robertson on this panel. “Are we elite?” he asks. No, you’re a bigot who gives God bad PR, Pat. It’s driving me nuts that he’s there.

Also here are Margaret Carlson of Time, Ed Schultz of radio in one Dakota or another, and Tina Brown of … Tina Brown.

Brown: “The media elite are all on the run, terrified of Pat Robertson.”

Robertson: “You should be.”

I digress… I was supposed to be at a table with Jonathan Adelstein of the FCC, whom I audio-fisked only a day ago. He didn’t show up. Wimp.

This guy Schultz is giving radio spiels. He’s talking about how he’s going to the talk-radio convention this week. What a fun bunch that must be.

Now Robertson is bitchslapping him. It’s like bad cable.

Brown: “I’m in the middle of this sort of testosterone fusillade.”

She says that she’d “like to see the media elite get a little more elite, please… The elite is supposed to lead.”

I’m sitting next to legendary editor Geneva Overholser. She gives up and leaves. I’m going to do likewise…