To the barricades, bloggers (again and again)

To the barricades, bloggers (again and again)

: Reporters Without Borders says that the pregant wife of a jailed Iranian blogger has been thrown in jail herself for daring to defend her husband:

Reporters Without Borders said it was appalled by the imprisonment of pregnant student, Najmeh Oumidparvar, 26 – wife of weblogger Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdolahi – who has been imprisoned in her turn, one week after her husband.

Oumidparvar, who is three month pregnant, has her own weblog ( – Dawn of Freedom). She has been accused of defending her husband too openly. On the eve of her arrest she gave an interview to German radio Deutsche Welle. A few days earlier she posted on her own weblog a message her husband had written shortly before his arrest. In it, he claimed the right to express himself freely adding that he was “waiting for the police handcuffs”…

: FRIDAY UPDATE: Hoder has more perspective.

  • tb

    Comment on this:
    This is also linked from Josh (I know I should insert links instead of cut and paste) What the hell is going on at the FEC, freedom fighting? The federal election commision wants to eliminate Blogs from linking to politicians sites?

  • miriam

    Newsday published an article by James Rupert this morning, Iran’s rising deadly force, A recent attack in Iranian dissidents in Pakistan suggests that the secret police may resume strikes abroad.
    When Abdulrahim Raeesi, an Iranian political science professor, wrote in an underground newspaper that Iran needs more democracy, men from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security soon found him. They arrested and tortured him, so badly, he said, that he had to be hospitalized. Last year, Raeesi escaped from the hospital and fled with his wife and son across the desert into Pakistan to seek political asylum. A few months later, he said, the secret police reached him again. Men with Iranian accents began calling his telephone, warning him to return to Iran and surrender.
    —-FYI: linking to Newsday returns a message saying denied due to “questionable content.” Is this a spam filter or is Newsday not considered a reputable source? Mr. Rupert’s bio suggests depth and experience in covering Asia.

  • please…NOBODY suggest that this woman is in any way connected to the CIA—I’m not a fan of Jeff, but I don’t want to see his head explode.

  • See this link re what the Blogos can do to support Iranian bloggers.
    Keep an eye on our site, Regime Change Iran, and the Committee to Protect Bloggers for further news and info:
    Link Here

  • Paul: Do you feel the need to leave a comment on every post, like a dog feels when passing any hydrant or pole?

  • Jeff…
    I do hope you see the irony in “Mr. First Amendment” making such a comment.
    I mean, people might get the impression that the only people whose speech you consider worthy of protection are those who agree with you.
    (in other words, can you honestly say that you would have made the same comment if my comments were consistently supportive of your position? )

  • oh, and btw Jeff….here is a list of the topics (chronologically ordered) that show up currently on your home page…including the number of comments, and whether or not I commented on the subject.
    By my count, I commented in 10 out of 39 topics.
    And the majority of those comments were not the least bit offensive to anyone
    yesterday, I was off, and had lots time to kill. So I wound up commenting on slightly over 50% (6 out of 11) of the topics. (I’m off again today, which gave me the time to compile this list )
    so fucking sue me.
    Here’s the list….
    The politics of immaturity (140 comments, 0 by me)
    Egyptian bloggers (9 comments, 0 by me)
    An editor-in-chief (13 comments, o by me)
    What’s really changing the news biz (4 comments, 0 by me)
    Yes, she’s excited about journalism (0 comments)
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    Who’s afraid of the big, bad blogger (14 comments, 0 by me)
    Blogcast (5 comments, o by me)
    To the barricades, bloggers — yet again (25 comments, 0 by me)
    The Official Liberalometer Test (79 comments, including mine)
    FCC follies, continued… and continued… and continued… (15 comments, o by me)
    Bad timing award (o comments)
    What, no blogging strippers? (28 comments, including my own)
    Can I hear you now? (4 comments, 0 by me)
    Senator greases slope with KY (18 comments, 0 by me)
    A small step toward civilization in America (50 c0mments, including my own)
    [untitled] (27 comments, 0 by me)
    March 01, 2005 (3 comments, 0 by me)
    Whereabouts (o comments)
    Handy-dandy indecency smasher (55 comments, 0 by me)
    The Citizen Journalism Starter Kit (1 comment

  • See, Paul, you even have to comment on commenting. Go start a blog, man.

  • Zed

    Jeff, I am really getting SICK of hearing about this from people like you how have no intention of doing anything about it more than a quick post. get more involved for Gods sake. Be the creative thinker you claim to be.
    But you won’t, and my complaint will go unnoticed.

  • See, Paul, you even have to comment on commenting.
    of course, this was proceded by….
    Paul: Do you feel the need to leave a comment on every post…
    which, of course, is typical of you Jeff. You often find things to criticize in others that you are guilty of (remember Sarah Boxer? How about your tendency to engage in ad hominem while decrying the lack of civility in blogs?)

  • Zed:
    Why don’t you start the process yourself?
    As I put up this post, I indeed wondered what we can do. I don’t know. I wish I did. All I know is to try to bring attention to this and this is the only means I have.
    In the case of Sina Motallebi, the attention on blogs — started by Hoder and in own blog, which let his jailers know they were being watched — brought attention from media, which led the jailers’ leaders know they were being watched, and Sina was released and did manage to leave the country (but not without continuing persecution for his family still in Iran).
    What is it you suggest we should be doing? I am eager for ideas.
    Petitions? Meaningless as far as I’m concerned.
    Blog posts? Small in and of themselves. But if there are enough, does that get attention? And where does the attention matter? Likely in big media.
    I have talked about the plight of specific Iranian, Bahraini, and Maylasian bloggers on the biggest media to which I have had access lately: on MSNBC. To take it bigger than that — to get a story on the NBC Nightly News or in The New York Times — is certainly beyond my control. Perhaps a reporter at one of those places is reading this now and recognizes a good and important story. I can only hope.
    Please do share what you have in mind.
    And by the way, Zed, you are certainly wrong about your last line and I don’t know why you would start the conversation there… rather than with good ideas of your own.

  • Paul: Well, then, it would seem that your complaint is with all the other commenters here who call you a troll.

  • Paul: Well, then, it would seem that your complaint is with all the other commenters here who call you a troll.
    no Jeff, my “complaint” is with you. The “other commenter” are no more significant than I am in the grand scheme of things.
    You, on the other hand, are what we real liberals like to call a “mediawhore.” That gives you influence far greater than this little blog—but this little blog is the only place to directly respond to your hypocrisy—which is what I (and a number of others) are doing here.
    And, apparently, its getting to you if you have to descend to not merely snarky comments, but snarky comments that constitute flat out lies.
    You made an (implied) accusation, I went to the trouble of proving you wrong, but rather than apologize, you try and find another avenue of attack. And, that TOO is typical of you modus operandi.

  • Zed:
    Why don’t you start the process yourself?

    Jeff, there are a couple of hundred “Zeds” out there, “starting the process”….and the fact is that they will probably not get any attention.
    someone like you makes it your mission to use your access to the media to free this woman. YOU are the one who shows up on TV all the time, remember? YOU are the person who get personal responses when you email Bill Keller of the NY Times. Zed doesn’t have that kind of access.

  • Paul, damnit, do you READ before you COMMENT???
    I just said that I talked about this on TV.

  • Paul, damnit, do you READ before you COMMENT???
    I just said that I talked about this on TV.

    yes Jeff, I read that. But as someone who is knowledgable about the way the media works, you are doubtless aware that repetition is key.
    I used the term “make it your mission” (as in the way you treat the ITM bloggers)…not just “mention it on TV”, but push the issue to the point where you are identified with it.
    Now, I’m not, in fact, suggesting that you make it your mission — this is certainly a valid cause to pursue, but there are lots of other “missions” to choose from, and you can’t make all of them “your mission.”
    I was, instead, trying to point out to you that your response to Zed was not of any real value…
    and I wasn’t even going to post it until I realized how well it fit in with my previous comment (vis a vis the relative importance of you vs me and the “other commenters who call me a troll.”)
    You are becoming a media “authority” and “celebrity”, and with that comes good and bad stuff. The good stuff is the power to help set the media agenda, the bad stuff is having to put up with other bloggers who will criticize you and gadflies/trolls like myself.
    its up to you where you devote your attentions…
    and its just my opinion, but if you had spent the effort and energy on a “mission” during the past week instead of spending it you have on dealing with Oliver and Armando, there’s a good chance that you could have contributed to making a difference.

  • Paul: I have truly had it with you.
    You’re being boorish and boring and difficult for the sheer sport. In a word: Obnoxious.
    If this were a dinner in my house, you’d never be invited back.
    Come to think of it, this is a dinner in my house.
    Henceforth, I’m ignoring you.
    And if I continue to get more complaints about you — of which there are many — I will open the Roman Coliseum, if you catch the drift.
    Learn to behave civily or be gone.