Handy-dandy indecency smasher

handsoffmytv.jpgHandy-dandy indecency smasher

: Pete Blackwell gives us instructions for the only device you’ll ever need to get things you don’t like off your TV.

: Howard Stern this morning ran a commercial for another amazing technological innovcation that cures this indecency thing: The Knob.

: And Ernie Miller gives us one of his magnificent analyses of the FCC ruling on Private Ryan. He shows, for example, how silly it is that the FCC has to decree that the F-word is always sexual — even when uttered in he mud of a foxhole, making it curiously homoerotic in the case of Ryan. He concludes:

By all means, let’s honor veterans (I’m one), but maybe we could also honor the liberties those veterans fought and died for. The FCC understands that we should honor veterans, but they apparently do not understand why they deserve to be honored.