Derail the spammers

Derail the spammers

: My son and webmaster tells me that the new WordPress has one of those deals that require you to enter five digits in an image so you can post a comment — thus derailing the comment spammers. Wish I could have that.

  • Dan

    I don’t know what you use to host this site, but when I upgraded from MT to WordPress, it was far simpler than I had guessed. You should do it when you get the chance.
    That said, I haven’t had a chance to move to 1.5 yet. You have to watch out though, if not implemented well, those CAPTCHAs can create problems for vision-impaired visitors.

  • Sure, you can. There’s a Turing test plugin for Movable Type that’s available. I don’t recall the name of it, but you might want to check out their plugin page, which you can find here:
    You can find a number of spam-related plugins there that are useful.
    Additionally (and assuming you’ve the newest version of MT), you can use Six Apart’s Typekey authentication system: until Six Apart sets up authentication within MT itself.

  • So… Upgrade to WordPress. It really is pretty easy. You won’t* regret it.
    *the above comment is not legally binding. Actual results may vary.

  • hound
  • Dan

    There are lots of folks who refuse to register with centralized identification services (like Passport, Typekey, etc).

  • Check out the comments on Samizdata. They’re using MT, and they have the Turing thing (a “captcha,” I believe it’s called), too.