Broadcasting LIVE from Buzzmachine World Headquarters today!

Broadcasting LIVE from Buzzmachine World Headquarters today!

: This is pretty damned cool if it works:

I’ll be broadcasting on MSNBC’s Connected via a webcam from my home today at 5p ET.

This is a neat moment in the merging of big media and citizens’ media: Anybody can broadcast anywhere not only over the internet but also via big, old cables.

I’ll be giving a blog report and then will be on a segment with Robert Cox of Media Bloggers and the National Debate and John Aravosis of AmericaBlog to talk about how bloggers are organizing themselves into a press.

  • Gregg

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but two questions come to mind:
    1) Why do you want “big media” and “citizens’ media” to merge?
    2) Haven’t webcams already been used for remote reporting by news already? If not, is really a difference “in kind” compared to digicams or other remote tools?

  • jeff–wear your pajamas (or is it pyjamas?)–andrew

  • It was pretty damn cool — especially because I read this post at 5:05, switched to MSNBC, and saw the appearance a few minutes later. Coincidence? Eh — I guess so.
    I’ve seen better webcam results before (faster frame rates), but we’re getting more accustomed to poor quality video on TV news, what with satellite phone transmissions, etc. And that’s just a technical problem.
    Will CSPAN callers be using webcams ten years from now instead of telephones?

  • HH

    Someone over there should add the ‘Connected’ transcript along with the others (Matthews, Scarborough, etc.) How useful is a blog-friendly program to blogs if you can’t easily look up what was said online (not even with Google)?


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