Fighting for the First Amendment

Fighting for the First Amendment

: Even the conservative Heritage Foundation believes the indecency legislation rushing through Congress is indecent. James L. Gattuso just published a paper on the Heritage site trying — late in the day, unfortunately — to get Congress to stop this rush toward regulation and censorship. The good bits:

…However, the proposed solution, increased government restrictions on speech, is fundamentally misguided. Conservatives

  • Things will improve when the Right realizes transparency is Big Government’s worst enemy and the Left realizes Big Government makes transparency impossible.

  • The right hates regulation and big government, but this administration isn’t the traditional right. We learned long ago that it favors the imposition of “morals” at any cost, including regulation and big government. That’s not news to anyone, but until the majority of the right stops its mythologizing of President Bush’s inability to do anything wrong, the values of the right will lose. In the end, we all lose, of course, but few in power seem to care. Thus, the Nanny State gets larger.

  • ‘First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then came the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me.’ Martin Niem

  • I got a question for you Jeff: Why do you not speak out against Instapundit and Powerline’s consistent equating of people on the left with traitors and treasoners? Are such reckless equations not threats to free speech? I am not saying regulate them, but denounce them. Of course you do not, because you get links from them and you are their go-to Democrat. HYPOCRITE.
    Here’s some examples (via that crazy lefty Kevin Drum):
    Instapundit, in late January:
    “When Ted Kennedy can make an absurd and borderline-traitorous speech on the war….well, this [Ward Churchill] is the authentic face of the Left. Or what remains of it.”
    Power Line, two weeks ago:
    “Jimmy Carter isn’t just misguided or ill-informed. He’s on the other side.
    The Right is not interested in free speech, they are interested in calling out as tratiors anyone who criticizes our current foreign policy. Free-thinking people should condemn this as it clearly stifles debate. . . . . Yet you don’t. Hypocrite.

  • Wilson Kolb

    Comes now Jeff Jarvis to strike a blow for indecency, but consider his treatment of the Guckert/Gannon scandal. He thinks it was inappropriate for even the blogs, let alone the mainstream media, to uncover Guckert’s background as a gay male hooker who catered to military uniform fetishists.
    The hooker was given special access to the White House, which cooperated in a scheme to establish him as a “reporter.” And, as a “reporter” the gay male uniform fetishist hooker was involved in a campaign to reveal the identity of the Bush critic’s wife as a CIA agent, thereby endangering many lives.
    But all of that was too indecent for Jeff Jarvis, who now portrays himself as championing the cause of freedom. Oh, how I love hypocrisy.

  • Mike

    Wilson Kolb of the one track mind trying to hijack this discussion back to your obsession with gay prostitutes and Gannon. Who or what brought you here because if you bothered to even look at the history of this website you would find Jeff’s arguments and posts about the first amendment go way back, there’s no hypocrisy here. I know because I have often disagreed with his interpretation. But your shortsightedness would not allow you to do some research and try to stay on topic.
    Sorry I will no longer feed the troll on this thread.

  • Please don’t feed the troll.

  • The troll is starving. This is good.