Where in the world

Where in the world

: Google is beta testing its maps. They’re nice, graphically. I have become devoted to maps.Yahoo.com for one simple feature: finding the nearest wi-fi. [via Ubergizmo]

: Holovaty loves Google maps but even so has lots of suggestions.

  • Google maps has that feature, too. And it couldn’t be easier — just click on “local search” enter “wifi” in the “what” box and whatever location you want in the “where” box. Bingo!

  • duneview: i can’t get that to work. i can find starbucks, can’t find wifi.

  • Favorite map site: TopoZone.com. They have every USGS topographic map in the United States, clickable and zoomable!

  • Patrick

    Jeff- Under the “Find a business” section I typed in “free wifi” (without quotes) along with my zip code and it returned a number of results, including a spot right down the street from me I didn’t know about.

  • Jeff – Go here for a short tour from Google.
    They actually use a “wifi hotspots” locator in the Locate businesses in your Neighborhood section of the outline. (That’s how I found it.) Good luck.
    I tried filling in “winning lottery ticket” and my hometown, but alas…guess that’s not in the beta.

  • jim linnane

    Google maps are just great. Especially the blazing speed.

  • diveblogger

    Interestingly, if you scroll to the west, east or south, the world outside of North America and Mexico has fallen into the ocean.

  • I’ve got it to work.
    I also like how Mexico is now a roadless blob.

  • Mike

    One thing it does not show, or at least I couldn’t get it to show, are one-way streets and their directions. That information is critical for anyone going into a big city. Hopefully I’m missing something or Google will realize this (I did send a suggestion) and correct it.

  • Chris

    I’ve found that the WiFi locator is great for finding pay WiFi but not free WiFi. And sometimes it is wrong – you can’t get it in Union Station DC according to their info people, even though the map lists it.
    I highly recommend http://www.panerabread.com for free WiFi (store locator on their site)

  • Jon

    Perhaps Google could implement a feature in Adwords to disable its arbitrary and chilling impact it has on advertisers’ free speech.

  • J.R.

    Jon, get a life. It’s their website, their product, their decision. It is not a first ammendment issue, it’s a corporate decision on the advertising content on their pages. Don’t like it, don’t advertise with them, pure and simple.
    Now back to the matter at hand. This map feature is pretty cool, so fast and easy to manipulate.