The Sunshine State

The Sunshine State

: I look out my window from the hotel near Ft. Myers, FL, and it’s the damnedest sight: high-rises pop up out of the palm grove and swamps like mistakes in a game of SimCity.

: I’m waiting to get on the plane now and there are nine — nine! — wheelchairs coming off, plus two walkers.

  • Next time you’re in Fort Myers, try the Veranda Restaurant.

  • Bill

    The same disease is prevalent from Panama City to Ft. Walton Beach–damned condos are like mushrooms.

  • Darn it. Next time you come down here, let me know. I’ll buy you a drink or something!
    Only nine?

  • Brian H

    One of these days the volcano husk in the Canaries is going to break and slide into the sea, sending a tsunami, big enough to make the recent one look like a ripple, sloshing over the sandbar leaving only some shallow warm water behind. Be warned!

  • At the present time I’m typing at a higher elevation than the highest point in Florida. With all that tourist money you’d think they could build a mountain or two.

  • We spend all the money on warm temps. It’s currently 60 degrees in West Palm Beach.

  • Yep, I used to travel in and out of the Sunshine State for consulting, and was always stuck behind a couple of wheelchairs.

  • Hey, that’s why we natives call those Gulf coast towns “God’s Waiting Room.”
    I grew up in St. Pete, home of the “Newly-wed and the Nearly-dead.” I remember when I went away to college in Tallahassee, I was walking around a shopping center and noticed how young everybody was.
    It’s much more lively here in Miami. The high rises are higher, the girls prettier, and the per capita distribution of walking aids is much lower.
    And for you Northeast types, just go ahead and boil your bottoms this weekend while I’m with my daughter sailing on the clear blue waters of Biscayne Bay.