: Lloyd Braun, the former head of ABC and the new content head at Yahoo, was interviewed by Max Robins, the editor of Broadcasting & Cable, at iMedia. Frankly, Braun didn’t have much to say; he sounds like so many old-media executives who switch over to new media and spend the first months gasping about how new and different and wonderful it all is but they’re still thinking in their old models. Some make the caterpillar switch, some don’t. The one newsworthy thing Braun said, which Max jumped on, was this: “If I knew what I know now when I was at ABC, I would have taken half my media budget and put it here [in online].” Sure, that’s self-serving for an exec of an online company. But I think he meant it.

  • Chris

    was the real Loyd Braun inspiration for the Seinfeld character of the same name? Considering the real Braun’s occupation, I’m thinking this is not coincidence…

  • When I read this Hollywood Reporter interview with Braun I was left with the same impression as you, Jeff – old media guy on a steep learning curve. He seemed more excited about not having to move to Sunnyvale or sit in the waiting room of his former employees.
    As the interview clearly demonstrates, he might be better served reading Buzzmachine and the Long Tail until he gets the hang of it. As you always say, “The Internet is a conversation.”
    Not just a club of Hollywood insiders.

  • Don Mynack

    Serenity Now!

  • None

    Constanza was right about Braun.

  • srgtroy

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Real change will not come from some Hollywood insider. Yahoo will just end up with lots of repurposed Hollywood crap.

  • Mark Jeffries

    Define “Hollywood crap.”